maanantai 17. tammikuuta 2011

Virtual flying

Hello readers! I just landed on EDDK Cologne/Bonn airport. I was the captain of Airbus A319 aircraft, register D-AGWO and the departure was from Edinburgh in Scotland. The flight took about 1,5h and the distance was 483 nautical miles. The cruise level was 31000ft and cruise speed  0.77M. Virtually of course. With FSX. I´m flying in the union called Air Source - Original Virtual Pilot Union. My pilot number is AS52. 

Meet me in the skies!

sunnuntai 16. tammikuuta 2011

Kiusaamisen vastainen kampanja

Kauppakeskus Isossa Omenassa on jonkun tekemä taideteos, missään ei ollut infoa kenen tekemä tämä on. Mutta vaikuttava se on.

torstai 13. tammikuuta 2011

Tammikuun lista - Playlist for January

I´ve found a lot of good music lately. Here´s 15 of them. Be warned, most of them are a little morbid and melancholy. If you want to dive into the the world of these songs, they can be found in Spotify, probably YouTube too:

  • Ayreon: Day Eleven: Love
  • Jon Bon Jovi: Dyin´ ain´t much of a livin’
  • Joose Keskitalo: Kaupungit puristuvat puristimissa
  • Saviour Machine: American Babylon
  • Aviv Geffen: Ray of light
  • J. Karjalainen & Mustat lasit: Laura Häkkisen silmät
  • Johnny Cash: Ain´t no grave
  • MakSim: Znaesh li ty
  • Assemblage 23: Let me be your armor
  • Graham Kendrick: The Servant King
  • Anna Ternheim: Such a lonely soul
  • Christy Moore: The disappeared (Los Desaparecidos)
  • Subway to Sally: Eisblumen
  • Jackson Browne: Lives in the balance
  • KENT: Columbus

maanantai 3. tammikuuta 2011

Too flashy and macho - Liian machoa ja äijäilyä!

A while ago I attended an ice-hockey match. I had great company, but that´s another matter. The match was a local game at the top league of Finnish ice-hockey. Jokerit from Helsinki and Blues from Espoo. The venue was Hartwall Areena in Helsinki. The winners were Blues, yippee. Before I thought that there will be a lot of emotion in player´s minds.

I have watched some matches from TV, but last 10 years I´ve only attended about 10 matches. Here are some of my observations about Finnish ice-fighting on blades, ice-hockey:
  1. The whole event was way too macho, not my cup of tea
  2. Music pumped to our ears. Don´t get me wrong, I like the hardrock of Eighties, but 4th time of I wanna rock or Motörhead´s The Game was too much.
  3. Cheerleaders. Do I need to say anything, no use really
  4. Pyrotechnics when home team entered the rink. The same as with music, pyros are good for concerts, not for sports events
  5. Two periods of pretty lame match,good earning players didn´t really play as good as expected. Blues tried something but Jokerit was a big disappointment. Luckily the match was set alight when Blues took the lead in the third period and Jokerit equalized 7 minutes before the end. 
  6. Ridiculous prices of Cola, pizza, beer etc. Really, outrageous prices.
  7. Twice a period the match was stopped for the TV-people to watch commercials. Come on, for whom are you organizing the match, for those who come or those who stay at home. Stupid!
  8. Ads here, there and everywhere. I´ve heard that good players get 100k euros a year, the money has to come somewhere. So be prepared to see ads everywhere. All is sponsored by someone.
Actually I was surprised to see that ice-hockey has come to this. Some pretty lazy players in a commercialized, americanized (and I don´t even consider myself as an anti-American!!), macho, power style of sports. I do know that Jokerit might be the worst example, there propably is still the hunger to play and enjoyment of the game itself inside the countryside teams.

So I´ll see clearly why some people have compared ice-hockey as rock music and football as classical music. I have no trouble which one to choose...