tiistai 30. marraskuuta 2010

El Clasico

Amazing match!

Sometimes it´s good to make decisions very quickly. I´ve been talking with my friend from El Salvador that maybe we go together in Helsinki Sport´s Academy and watch El Clasico FC Barcelona-Real Madrid together. He was going there for sure, but after the long day at work I hesitated a lot. Kick-off was to be 22pm. But things were about to unfold...

Thinking about it ten minutes, after a phone call, I made the decision: This is a match to experience with all the latinos of capital region. So I called my friend and off we went quickly with my car to Helsinki centre. The hype was going on strong...

In front of the Sport´s bar there were a queue about 200m long! The weather was very cold, about -15 C so we quickly decided to go some other place, no way of going home now. In the railwaystation there´s Chelsea Pub, in we went. What a crowd! That place was filled with people, latinos, spaniards, among some Finns, tens of them standing and waiting for match to start. Luckily the bar has a lot of screens, so everywhere you look, you could see the match. In the end, we stood the whole match, but it didn´t bother us.

And what a match it was! El Clasico is the most important match in Spain and propably in Europe too. Might be in the world. But what we saw was a brilliant magnificent Barcelona and very lame Real Madrid. The tension was high on the pitch too, yellow cards were many.

FC Barcelona thrashed Real Madrid 5-0!! Madridians will never forget this match and Catalunyans will remind them in every meeting for this result. So overwhelming was Barca. Leo Messi, David Villa, Xavi and Iniesta ruled the world for that two hours.

YouTube must be full of the videos of the match, here´s one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tARwUjvU-hM 

Great experience! I will most certainly watch the Real Madrid-FC Barcelona in April, hopefully in Sport´s Academy.

lauantai 27. marraskuuta 2010

Condition Critical in Metal Health

Quiet Riot was one of my teenage years favourite bands. It wasn´t as popular as many other 80´s hair hardrock bands but certainly one of the best, in my opinion. In US they were very popular and made several hits, for example Cum on feel the noize, Metal health, Slick black Cadillac, Condition critical etc. Sadly they made just a couple of good albums and then disappeared at the end of the hardrock era with many other bands. The lead singer Kevin DuBrow died in cocaine overdose a few years back. Currently the only original member is the drummer Frankie Banali.
Here´s Condition critical, which was one of my favourites.

Cats can be friends with dogs - Kissat ja koirat voi olla kavereita

Here´s the proof, tässä todiste:

perjantai 26. marraskuuta 2010

Uutta juttua töissä - New project at work

Next spring Olari parish will organize multicultural events in Olari. Plans are afoot, and there´s going to be interesting guests, music, food and information for all people with or without multicultural background. I made a short teaser video about the events, it can be viewed here:


Ensi keväänä Olarin seurakunta järjestää monikulttuurisia tapahtumia Olarissa. Suunnitelmat on jo liikkeellä ja keväällä nuorisotila Kulmassa tulee olemaan mielenkiintoisia vieraita, musiikkia, ruokaa ja kaikenlaista tietoutta ja mukavaa menoa. Tein pienen videon Davidin kanssa, klikkaapa tuosta ylempää.

sunnuntai 21. marraskuuta 2010


I´ve added a widget of my recently played music on the left side bar. Hopefully you can follow me feelings through music too. By clicking them, you´ll get to my LastFM page, where more info is shared.

EDIT: It didn´t work out like the way I wanted, so it´s there no more. So you´ll have to go here: http://www.last.fm/user/Heavenbound

Laitoin tuonne vasempaan laitaan widgetin, jossa näkyy viimeksi kuuntelemani musiikki. Näin pysyt kärryillä fiiliksistäni myös musiikin kautta. Klikkaamalla jotain biisiä pääset mun LastFM-sivulle, jossa on sitten kaikenlaista infoa lisää.

Edit: No eipä sitten toiminutkaan niinkuin halusin. Tai sitten en vain osannut. Poistettu on, käytä ylläolevaa linkkiä, jos haluat tsekkailla mitä olen viime aikoina kuunnellut.

Today I had a great day at the chapel. I was organizing an occasion where we sang a lot of songs from Siionin Kannel. Happy Christianity is my thing. 

Tänään oli töissä mukava päivä, olin kappelilla järjestämässä Siionin kanteleen lauluseuroja. Iloinen kristillisyys on parasta, ei mitään mökötyskristillisyyttä. Vaikka välillä goottihenkinen olenkin.

maanantai 15. marraskuuta 2010

Lutheran Church of Kauniainen

Two photos from Kauniainen Church. I originally meant to sent these to my other blog, but anyway here they are. 

Kaksi kuvaa Kauniaisten kirkosta. Tarkoitus oli lähettää nämä kirkkoblogiini, mutta tänne nää vahingossa tuli.

Olin tässä kirkossa tänään hiippakunnan seminaarissa tutustumassa ensi vuoden Yhteisvastuukeräyksen kohteisiin ja materiaaleihin. Vuoden 2011 teema on lasten ja nuorten yksinäisyys, joten kaikki keräyksen rahat menevät kyllä todella tarpeeseen. 30% rahoista menee kotimaan työhön, jota seurakunnat tekevät yhdessä Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliiton, Suomen Punaisen Ristin ja Mielenterveysseuran kanssa. 60% menee Mosambikiin Maputon köyhälistön lasten ja nuorten tukemiseeen.

I spent this day in the parish hall of Kauniainen Church in a seminar to become acquainted with Common Responsibility Campaign 2011. The theme is the loneliness of children and teenagers in Finland and Mozambique. In Finland the parishes co-operate with well-known charity organizations and in Mozambique the campaign is supporting the poorest teenagers and children (many orphans, parents have died of HIV) in their lives.

Inside the church of Kauniainen

perjantai 12. marraskuuta 2010

Saviour Machine – Soundtrack for the end of the world

What can I write about this Christian Gothic, Dark, Melodic Opera music? It fits to all these categories and in many many more. The man behind Saviour Machine is Eric Clayton, a musical and lyrical genious. There´s been a while since I listened these masterpieces. And again I find its brilliance and lyrical poetry mostly straight from the Bible or inspired by the Holy Book. I can´t compare any music to this, there really is no chance of doing that. Starting from the dark low voice of Eric Clayton…

Most music is so easy to listen nowadays. The main importance is to lighten up our sometimes hard lives, to gives us a good feeling etc. Then some music gives us the guidance or tries to give you advice.

Saviour Machine´s music paints a portrait of the last times of the world before your eyes: world full of war, full of deliverance, full of rage, full of hatred towards Christians etc. It shows us that in the Bible there are hard times coming (some people think the eve of those events are here already) but The Good Shepherd will take care of the flock and guides it through the tribulations. Eric has the courage to sing and write in the view of the Devil too, something like C.S. Lewis did.

The emotions it gives to me are Hope and Longing, longing to go Home. It brings me closer to the Creator, it shows me how huge was the price paid for my release from darkness. The beautiful melodies sometimes just stop me to think about my relationship with God, where am I standing.

So this music is actually quite strong experience to listen. Please take the time to watch this video and read some lyrics. This music is not background music, this is music to be digested carefully with a full concentration.

This song is The Final Holocaust. It tells the tribulations Israel has gone through. Eric is mourning and praying God will end their pain and sufferings, as prayed in the Bible.

Here are some lyrics from the songs of Saviour Machine:

Child in silence - I've seen the way, the tears run down your face.
Child of violence - I know that you've been dying in this place.
Child without mercy - they've haunted you with whispers in the dark.
Child in exile - they violate and strain you with their mark.
Child - this silent seduction enrages me.
Child - the fatal assassin's black eyes will bleed. (Child in Silence)

The events about to unfold are beyond comprehension.
In this hatred escalating the fate is the same.
Here we stand defiled to the brink of our self-annihilation.
We are vicious animals in a game with no name.
Behold the place of slaughter, the earth is a tomb.
The smell of death upon her, the child has torn the womb.
Let all of us prepare our doom.
Nowhere to run, no place to hide, we cannot escape the night. (The Night)

I will show you what must take place, I who speak to you am He.
I am the Alpha and the Omega, I am the first and the last, I am alive.
I am the blood of the lamb, I am life.
I am the son of man, the firstborn of the dead.
I have the keys of life and death. I am why a legend is born.
I am coming with the the clouds of heaven and every eye shall see
Through the darkness of the night. I am the light of the world, come to see,
I am the king of kings, follow me.
He who believes in me shall live beyond the dead. For I am with you until the end. (Legend I:I)

perjantai 5. marraskuuta 2010

Church elections soon - Seurakuntavaaleista

Today is the last day to vote before the actual Election days of the Finnish Lutheran Church. So if you are not able to vote in Father's Day 14.11.. and the next Monday (In Olari at least), today is the day to go to the parish offices and vote.

There have been a lot of discussion who can vote etc. but the main issue is that if you are a member then you can vote, if not then you can´t (and why would you be interested to do so...). 


Tänään on viimeinen päivä äänestää ennakkoon seurakuntavaaleissa. Jos joten et pääse äänestämään isäinpäivänä 14.11. niin tänään mars mars uurnille. Ainakin Olarin seurakunnassa voi kuitenkin äänestää seuraavanakin maanantaina. 

Julkisuudessa on keskusteltu siitä kuka saa äänestää ja kuka ei. Pääasia on, että jos olet kirkon jäsen saat äänestää, jos taas et, niin sitten et saa äänestää (miksi se itseasiassa kiinnostaisikaan).