lauantai 27. kesäkuuta 2009


We visited Lahti. The Finnish Radio Missionary Organization is having annual summer festival at the Central Church. We attended a meeting where the Lutheran missionaries sent greetings from the Lutheran Church of Croatia. The pastor told terrible experiences during the war about his best friend being shot. And how his only hope is the hope that the Saviour only can give.

Despite the cloudy weather, we tried to find a swimming beach for children. Instead we found a dog beach...

Here's one photo of the Lake Vesijärvi. On the other shore, Lahti.

Noumena: Misanthropolis

perjantai 26. kesäkuuta 2009

Earth Song

This is the best song by Michael Jackson, in my opinion. The man was incredibly talented despite his problems/mysteries etc. in his personal life. Rest in peace!

torstai 25. kesäkuuta 2009

Most popular

I´ve done some examinations about my photos on the web:

My most popular three photos are the these:
  1. The most popular, 781 views today at 15.00
  2. The 2nd, 622 views
  3. The 3rd, 515 views

I don´t consider myself very much of a photographer, it´s just nice to share my shots to the world. So there´s really no artistic masterpieces among them. But still it feels good that THIS photo has been accepted to the Schmap online map of Cologne and THIS is used by a British software company 2Simple for making educational CD-ROMs to children.

So I´ll keep photos coming, there are some exciting ones in the camera right now...

Def Leppard: Photograph

sunnuntai 21. kesäkuuta 2009

Musical journeys

Here´s my another blog concentrating on my reviews of music and songs that have lyrics worth a mention. There´s only two entries that are available here too. But in time, there´ll be more, not so often that I update this one. All my music reviews for now on will be only in the Wordpress-blog.

perjantai 19. kesäkuuta 2009

Midsummer in Hvittorp, Kirkkonummi


When I was a teenager, the big hit in Germany music scene (and in Europe too) the band Nena and the songs "99 Luftballons" and "Irgenwie, irgendwo, irgendwann". The hard-pronounced song has a very catchy chorus which sticks in your head after the first hearing.

Funny that two days ago, I introduced the I&I&I-song to my daughters (aged 9 and 12), the original and
fresher version with Kim Wilde. They loved it and the song is on repeat now, I believe I've heard it tens of times now...

Music binds generations together. It's still a good pop song.

Try it on YouTube and it won't go away from your head. The women still have great voices!

Nena & Kim Wilde: Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann. (Anyplace, anywhere, anytime)

torstai 18. kesäkuuta 2009


I´ve been following the situation in Iran after the elections. The country seems to be in the verge of change for more democratic country (by the standards of the islamic countries) or Ahmajinedad bill crush the opposition by force. The current leadership has been very intolerant against the western countries, Israel, anti-semitic and aggressive in rhetoric. If the current regime continue in power the future of Iran is not getting any better. I must say I don´t know his rival Mr. Musavi´s agenda enough to comment on, but something has changed in Iran too. This time Musavi´s supporters are on the streets and calling out for change. For what I know this is very rare in Iran.

Jim Muir, Former BBC Tehran correspondent:

The crisis in Iran has moved far beyond a dispute over election results. It has turned into a struggle over the balance of power in the country, and Iran's future orientation.
That balance is being fought over in a symbiotic struggle that is taking place both behind the political scenes and, through rival displays of people power, on the streets of Tehran and other cities. Years of contradictions have come to a head in the current crisis. The Iranian leadership has in the past shown ingenuity and flexibility in facing serious challenges.
This is probably greater than any, and it goes to the heart of the system. It is unlikely to be easily or quickly resolved.

Midnight Oil: Beds are burning

keskiviikko 17. kesäkuuta 2009


Just found out how to add photos from my mobile phone to this blog.


sunnuntai 14. kesäkuuta 2009

Adventure TAYS


A week ago we were attending the annual summer festival of Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission. Our daughter started to feel very bad in her stomach and at the end of Saturday we entered the Tampere Central hospital, which was the only place to go at that time.

Several interesting things happened, which made us feel like we were in the movie. It felt so unbelivable, and we just laughed about it at the end. We spent there about four hours, waited behind many doors and got the picture what is the state of Finnish municipal health care today. It´s no a very nice picture. Here´s some of my observations.
  • One very drunken man entered with his daughter. The man had drunken hard many years, his brains vere clearly not functioning properly. The look was glazed forward and the walk was stuttering. His inside organs must be very tired and I think: "This man is propably dead at the end of the year. We felt sorry for the daughter too, because she watched every step the man took, was worried when the man was in the toilet. Her life must be worry-filled every day. Later we found out that they were married couple, not father-daughter.
  • One man was there when we entered and was there still when we left. He complained once to the nurses that he´d been there for four hours with a swollen ankle in a wheelchair. FOUR HOURS! He also got waiting tickets to visit nurse, doctor, laboratory, blood and urine samples etc. and waited for the results. The ankle seemed to getting worse during the waiting. This man gave all her cigarettes for the drunken man, even that they didn´t know each other.
  • Elderly couple entered, the lady took care of her demented husband, walked with her in the corridors etc. Very touching.
  • Three middle-aged men entered, one had a scratch in the forehead. They´ve been celebrating to something and talked loudly about many funny things. Clearly they were far from sober, but not annoyingly drunk. Actually these men lifted the spirit in the waiting room. everyone smiled while listening their stories.
  • Ill children were crying silently in their mom´s lap. Some had fever clearly and fell asleep, like our daughter did at the end of the visit. We had to wake her up to finally see the doctor.
  • And of course, Finnish weekend creates a fight too. Two young men from the bachelor party entered, they´ve been in the sauna and drinking and one had burned his hand in the sauna pretty bad. Other was worried about him. tried to get him in front of the waiting list, and couldn´t wait their turn. Then the guard entered and after some talking the guard started to push these people out, because they we´re arguing with him. The the guard forced them out in the hard way, even the burned guy! Unbelivable unprofessional behaviour for that guard! I bet he didn´t qualify for the police school so he decided to be a guard.
  • Very sick looking man entered, he was in pain, it was obvious. You could see the expressions in his face. He had to wait 45 minutes to get to the first desk where he was listened the first time. He must have been in agony for the whole time.
  • It was sad to see an elderly woman with big heart problems. She had to be taken in and her husband (very old) had to go home and wait to see the results of the test. There´s no place to wait in hospital.
  • One young gothic woman in her twenties complained loudly how she´s going to miss all the good bands in the Metal Festival. Nobody cared, but she went on and on...
  • And finally, the hospital lost the urine sample of our daughter. Yes, it´s true, they lost it.
  • Finally, while waiting we watched from the public TV the American Gladiators from the eighties. That was the last straw to make the evening absurd and unforgettable.
I respect the people who work at the municipal hospital. Every time when they had time for us, they were very friendly. But they are so busy because the lack of staff (There´s no money to hire more people), so the wait is long. And I think the situation is the same in all the hospital of larger cities.

What an adventure! Our daughter´s stomach ache remained a mystery, tests revealed that there´s no reason for this. So we still don´t know what it was...

R.E.M. Everybody hurts

maanantai 8. kesäkuuta 2009

Road to Zion

When I was younger and just starting to find the Christian music scene, my first encounters of good music with Christian lyrics was Petra. Their song amazed me and showed me that music with a message of salvation can be joyful, artistic, well produced, great melodies, strong hardrock guitars, beautiful choruses, Attitude and plain GOOD. But at the same time humble, strong spirituality, lifting and meditative. Petra was the first foreign band that combined all these.

Songs like He came-He saw-He conquered, Dance, Grave robber, Creed, This means war!, Midnight oil, Seen and not heard etc. You can try to find them in YouTube.

I added a beautiful Petra ballad at the Sound & Vision section at the right column. It´s called Road to Zion (composed by Mike Hudson). It´s based on Psalm 84:5-7. Finnish Christian musician Juha Tapio made a Finnish translation in his first album, that´s called Yksi tie. CLICK TO LISTEN!

There is a way that leads to life
The few that find it never die
Past mountain peaks graced white with snow
The way grows brighter as it goes

There is a road inside of you
Inside of me there is one too
No stumbling pilgrim in the dark
The road to Zion's in your heart

The river runs beside the road
Its waters living as they flow
In liquid voice the water calls
On thirsty knees the pilgrim falls

Sometimes a shadow dark and cold
Lays like a mist across the road
But be encouraged by the sight
Where there's a shadow, there's a light

Sometimes it's good to look back down
We've come so far - we've gained such ground
But joy is not in where we've been
Joy is who's waiting at the end

perjantai 5. kesäkuuta 2009

Friday and the FELM-festival

Blogging this time from Tampere with my mobile phone.

I'm attending the annual summer festival of Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission. It's one (and largest) of the missionary organizations of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church. The reason I'm here is that one of my main fields of work is missionary work in our parish. Firts time in years for me, it's very interesting.

Weather was cruel today. Rainy and windy. We (my family's with me here) encountered a Namibian dance group who were performing in a market square. About twenty people in traditional clothes in freezing Finnish summer rain, some were quite old too. The smiles on their faces were amazing: they didn't care about the weather while praising the Lord.

Suddenly 7 people enteres the square and chairs were hurried to them. The elderly man and woman sat and the others beside them. Then I saw some people bowing their heads a little before them. Then I remember from the programme leaflet: The king of Ondonga (Namibia) Immanuel Elifas and his wife.

The starting celebration was at Pakkahuone (rock concert place) and before that there was a march in the main street of Tampere. This year it's the first time when the events of the festival are scattered all over the city. Before that they were always at the same place (for example the sports field), only the cities change. Before returning to the hotel I visited a large tent on the market square where a youth choir of the FELM sang some traditional Southern African Christian songs.

This hotel has a strange mixture of people. Many Christian festival attendant are elderly and some buses unloaded hordes of rather old people. In addition to this, there are heavy metal people here (they are singing in the hallway right now) and propably some bands too. Tampere is hosting Sauna Open Air heavy metal festival at the same weekend. Metal people were spotted everywhere in the city too. So Christianity and heavy metal meet in Tampere this weekend. Funny!

Pain: Follow me

keskiviikko 3. kesäkuuta 2009


The header in this blog is from the coast of Naantali, nearby the spa. There were a path cleared on the ice. People were ice-skating. It was a mildly cold afternoon in February, sun was shining brightly. I took some photos of that remarkably beautiful day.

Extreme: Tragic comic

Football - FC Honka

It´s been a while. The last entry of football, the king of sports, in this blog. So here´s some thoughts about my favourite team.

FC Honka: Before the season, many professionals in the Finnish footballing world declared that Honka will win the Finnish Veikkausliiga. Or are very strong contenders. All was bright, the team was ready at the end of the year and trained hard. Even won the three good teams in the Spain tournament in February which is a great achievement. Ville Jalasto left to Norway and Honka got three new players: Defender Ville Koskimaa from VPS, winger Markus Paatelainen from some Scottish side, but he suffers a long term injury, and goalkeeperJanne Henriksson from Kotka.

Honka started the season in exile and played in the rubber pitch in emotionless Finnair Stadium the first three home fixtures. The reason for that is that the pitch in Tapiola Sports Park in Espoo is in the process of having the undersoil heating system to be installed. The attendance in Helsinkin was poor, because the matches didn´t feel like home matches.

The first two matches = two draws against FC Lahti and MIFK. Slightly less than expected.Then a glorious victory 2-5 in Vaasa against VPS. But the next three matches were draws again (Valkeakosken Haka, MYPA and rivals HJK), so it looked like the team couldn´t turn the draws to wins. The first defeat happened in Tampere against the trouble-ridden TamU. The fans started to think that will this be the hardest year in the history of FC Honka at the top level...

The battle with JJK in Jyväskylä shone some light, the match was won 2-3. And light was very bright in the last exile match against FF Jaro: Honka was very confident winner with beautiful football style and shot five goals! The last match before the season break was at Monday in Turku. The last season´s champions Inter was slightly better at field and won 2-1.

Consistency is lacking, style of play is a little different than last year, some new positions for players. The game is not so fast as it used to be. Honka dominates almost all the matches, but sometimes it´s too slow to counter attack, sometimes it´s too hasty to lose the ball. The position in the table is now 6th, I hoped for more in the start of the season.

I´ll wait the first real home fixture against KuPS in 24th of June when FC Honka returns to home at Tapiolan Urheilupuisto. Be there, Honka needs all the support. Don´t be a silent bystander, take part in the game by supporting. And sing! Click to see the highlights of the matches.

Here´s a picture from Tapiolan Urheilupuisto (5th of April)