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The Mercy Seat

My thoughts about the story in the song The Mercy Seat by Nick Cave This song is just incredible. This stirs up many thoughts, even some little details do this. This next is my interpretation of that song. It´s composed and written by Nick Cave, the strange genious in writing. Internet is full of a little different lyrics and even Caver himself sings this little differently every time. YouTube version is sung by Johnny Cash. And I`ll make audio clips so you don´t have to exhaust yourself and read a lengthy entry. There are the same thoughts in Finnish.

Osa 1
Osa 2
Osa 3

It ALL began when they come took me from my home and put me on Death Row,a crime for which I am totally innocent, you know.

I began to warm and chill to objects and their fields,
A ragged cup, a twisted mop

The face of Jesus in my soup

Those sinister dinner deals

The meal trolley's wicked wheels

A hooked bone rising from my food

All things either good or ungood.

And the mercy seat is waiting
And I think my head is burning

And in a way I'm yearning

To be done with all this weighing of the truth.

An eye for an eye
and a tooth for a tooth
And anyway I told the truth

And I'm not afraid to die.

I hear stories from the chamber

Christ was born into a manger

And like some ragged stranger
He died upon the cross
Might I say, it seems so fitting in its way

He was a carpenter by trade

Or at least that's what I'm told

My kill-hand's
tattooed E.V.I.L. across it's brother's fist
That filthy five! They did nothing to challenge or resist.

In Heaven His throne is made of gold
The ark of his Testament is stowed

A throne from which I'm told
all history does unfold.
It's made of wood and wire
and my body is on fire
And God is never far away.

Into the mercy seat I climb
My head is shaved, my head is wired
And like a moth that tries
to enter the bright eye
I go shuffling out of life
just to hide in death awhile
And anyway I never lied.

And the mercy seat is waiting
And I think my head is burning

And in a way I'm yearning

To be done with all this weighing of the truth.

An eye for an eye
and a tooth for a tooth
And anyway I told the truth

And I'm not afraid to die.

And the mercy seat is burning

And I think my head is glowing

And in a way I'm hoping

To be done with all this twisting of the truth.

An eye for an eye
and a tooth for a tooth
And anyway there was no proof

And I'm not afraid to die.

And the mercy seat is glowing
And I think my head is smoking

And in a way I'm hoping

To be done with all these looks of disbelief.

A lie for a lie
and a truth for a truth
And I've got nothing left to lose

And I'm not afraid to die.

And the mercy seat is smoking
And I think my head is melting

And in a way that's helping

To be done with all this twisting of the truth

An eye for an eye
and a tooth for a tooth
And anyway I told the truth

But I'm afraid I told a lie.

This is the story about Truth, Remorse, Mercy, Punishment, Honesty and Murder.

Who is this man?
I think he is a criminal who is sentenced to death. He lives the last hours of his life before his death. He is telling his last thoughts to anyone who listens. And that is you. He speaks very straight to you.

During his telling, he tries to avoid the guilty verdict, he constantly tells you that he has told the truth and you must believe him. He says he has never lied and no proof for his crime was ever found. People must believe his innocence. This man even blames his hands like he´s saying he cannot control himself. But the others don´t believe him.

He has grown tired of all the criminal processes in this matter. Like he says to you: " Why don't you believe me, I´m tired of going through it all again". All this while he knows that he´s guilty. He has used a
ll his energy by defending himself and trying to avoid the truth.

His faith is a mixture of Christianity and superstition. I think the prison pastor has spoke with him recently and/or he has some knowledge of basic Christianity in earlier life. He doesn´t know whether to believe or not, but he reaches out to God anyway. Mercy Seat is a biblical term, where God forgives the sinner his sins. He begs for mercy throughout the song. And he knows he deserves the punishment (constant "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth).

He says he doesn´t fear death so many times that I think he really does fear it. It grows, he tries to hide death, even a little while.

Pride goes away and the very last sentence of the song is remarkable. It reveals so much: He confesses that he has lied all the way, at last he´s honest to himself, to God and to you (who is listening his agony).
The revelation in the last sentence almost leaves you speechless.

tiistai 20. tammikuuta 2009

Congratulations USA!

The history has been made in the United States! Thank you BBC World for great live coverage, I'm just watching The President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama walking in the Pennsylvania Avenue. Crowd is absolutely crazy about the historical day! I wonder if any President have been so popular?

Isn´t it a great symbolic moment when black President enters the White House, which has been partly built in slave labour?

Onnittelut USA! Historiaa tehdään parhaillaan, kun Barack Obama kävelee kohti Valkoista Taloa. Kiitos BBC World, livelähetys toimii hyvin. Kansa on aivan hullaantunut tästä historiallisesta päivästä. Onkohan kukaan presidentti Yhdysvalloissa ollut yhtä suosittu?

Mahtava symbolinen hetki kun musta presidentti astuu Valkoiseen Taloon, joka on osittain rakennettu orjatyövoimalla.

maanantai 19. tammikuuta 2009

Organizing - Järjestelyä

I´ll put the tags from these text easily available to you. Now every text has at least one tag. Click the tag and Blogger will show all my entries about that theme.

Laitoin tagit näkyville, joita klikkaamalla Blogger näyttää kaikki tekstini, jossa teemaa käsitellään. Joka tekstissä on nyt vähintään yksi tagi.

sunnuntai 18. tammikuuta 2009


I have added a LABELS widget to the right side. There you can see the tags I mostly use. I think it somehow defines what this blog is about.

Lisäsin oikeaan reunaan LABELS widgetin, jossa näkyy ne aiheet joita olen eniten käyttänyt. Se varmaan kertoo jotain mistä asioista eniten kirjoitan. Ja varmaan myös itsestäni...

Seminar in Tampere

Translation to my latest entry in Finnish.

For starters I must say to foreign readers the reason why so many of my entries are about multicultural matters in Finland. There´s not so many foreigners in Finland in general, but the number is rising rapidly.We are a small country and only starting to wake up and realize that Finland has changed permanently. And a lot must be done to tolerance reach to everyone and fight against racism.

I was attending annual meeting of Youth leaders in Finland. There were different seminars and here are some thoughts that have been circling in my head.

Famous theater director Ritva Siikala is the who executive director in the Kassandra, an association and a multicultural community of artists. More about the association in this link

Here´s some of her claims about the situation in Finland.

1. We have a certain image of some country or larger area. What comes to mind first when you hear the country´s name? Stereotypes. Our thoughts are based on media´s view of that country and that image in our mind is very strong. Mostly media covers things and happenings when something is not normal. So we hardly get media coverage about ordinary life, in Africa for example.

2. Mrs Siikala told terrible stories what she has heard from the people who have migrated Finland. The word Immigrant is burned in the forehead and that word strips off everything else. You are not doctor, singer, professor etc. only immigrant. One Turkish man has said that he´s never been more Turkish in everywhere else than in Finland.

3. Finnish art world, artists, have remarkably far away in understanding multicultural Finland. Church is far better understood the challenge and schools too. Mrs Siikala declared this to be shameful. The change is very very slow.

4. Etnocrazy people are comical, but harmless. A true friendship and tolerance always has the right to disagree. The real tolerance allows us different opinions.

5. Director Siikala said that Finland still has hope. If we start to work these things quite quickly, we can still avoid the burning tires in the streets. She urged us to meet each other and be friendly to those we don´t know. No matter what culture we have.

Here´s the recent news where Finland´s Security Police Chief Ilkka Salmi confirms this:

Mark Knopfler: Drooling national

perjantai 16. tammikuuta 2009

Gathering - Kokoontuminen

This topic is in Finnish only, sorry. I'll write or make a podcast in English about the same topic later on. Please, be patient!

Terveisiä Tampereelta! Osallistuin Kirkon lapsi- ja nuorisotyötekijöiden valtakunnallisille neuvottelupäiville, jota järjestää kirkon ja järjestöjen lisäksi Suomen Nuorisoyhteistyö-Allianssi, Kuntaliitto, Opetusministeriö ja Terveyden ja Hyvinvoinnin laitos. Aika kattava otos siis kasvatus- ja nuorisotyötä tässä maassa.

Kanavatyöskentelyissä osallistuin jälleen monikulttuurisuuskanavaan, koska ne kovasti kiinnostaa ja niitä olen nuorisotyössä tapetilla pitänyt. Kanavassa oli mielenkiintoinen esitelmä Kassandra ry:stä, jonka toiminnanjohtajana on teatteriohjaaja Ritva Siikala. Kassandra ry:n perusasioista saa tietoa yhdistyksen nettisivuilta, mutta peruskuvio on se, että Kassandra on monikulttuurinen taideyhteisö, joka pyrkii kulttuurien välisten ennakkoluulojen vähentämiseen taiteen keinoin. Lisätietoja allaolevista linkeistä. Yhdistystä vetää teatteriohjaaja Ritva Siikala. Hän kertoi mielenkiintoisia tarinoita, kuinka koko monikulttuurisuusasia oli valjennyt hänelle tyttärensä gambialaisen miehen kautta. Tässä muutamia hänen keskeisiä ajatuksia meille pohdittaviksi:

1. Meillä on olemassa joku tietty mielikuva jostain maasta tai alueesta. Mietipä mitä tulee ensimmäiseksi mieleesi kun ajattelet: Tunisia? Indonesia? USA? Armenia? Afrikka? Ajatuksemme perustuvat median meille tuottamaan kuvaan. Esim. uutiset eivät juuri koskaan kerro normaalista elämästä, asia on uutinen kun se on poikkeava normaalista. Tässä meille on suuri haaste mediakritiikille ja kulttuuriin tutustumiselle.

2. Siikala kertoi raastavia kokemuksia maahanmuuttajista. Se, että ihminen leimautuu maahanmuuttajan polttomerkillä, repii pois hänen muut ominaisuutensa. Esim. hänelle oli eräs turkkilainen sanonut, että missään hän ei ole kokenut olevansa niin turkkilainen kuin Suomessa. Vaikka olisi lääkäri, kirjailija, professori tms. niin Suomessa hän on vain maahanmuuttaja. Parempi sana olisi vaikka uussuomalainen.

3. Suomen taidemaailma on valtavan paljon jäljessä monikulttuuristumisessa. Kirkkokin on hänen mukaansa huomattavan pitkällä verrattuna eri alan taiteilijoihin. Siikala piti häpeällisenä, että taidemaailma on näin jälkeenjäänyt, koulumaailmakin menee jo paljon edellä. Toisaalta myös muutos näissä asioissa on aivan ällistyttävän hidasta.

4. Etnohihhulointi ja fanittaminen on ihan hyvä, mutta koominen asia. Ja aitoon yhteyteen kuuluu se, että voi olla eri mieltä ja jopa konflikteja kun toisen tuntee. Hän kehotti meitä tutustumaan toisiimme, olimmepa samasta kulttuurista tai eri kulttuuritaustaisia.

5. Ritva Siikala myös varoitti, että ellemme ala tälle asialle tekemään määrätietoisia muutoksia, voimme vielä välttää palavat autonrenkaat. Suomen asenteet ovat selkeästi koventuneet.

Sonata Arctica: Paid in full

Linkkejä: (aukeaa helmikuussa)

torstai 15. tammikuuta 2009

Ääntä? - Audio?

I´ll be trying to make some audio entries in this blog. I´m not a wizard in these things, but if I can tune everything right, you will hear my voice and download some podcasts. I´ll use my mobile phone to do this and that´s why the entries will last only one minute. That will keep the downloads fast too.

Heres the first test. Jus click this link PODCAST and download a test file. This file is just nonsense but it´s a try. You´ll hear strange Finnish language and some English too. I´ll delete this file, but let it stay there for some time.

Kokeilen onnistunko tekemään Podcastia tänne Bloggeriin. En oo mikään nero, mutta jos tuunaukset onnistuu Mr Heavenbound on myös äänessä tässä blogissa. Käytän kännykkää, jolla saa nauhoitettua minuutin pituisia pätkiä. Tämä pitää latauksetkin lyhyinä ja nopeina.

Klikkaa tuota linkkiä ja lataa pätkä. Annan sen olla täällä pienen ajan, mutta se on niin noloa höpötystä, että ei se täällä kovin kauaa seikkaile. TESTAUSTA SIIS!

torstai 8. tammikuuta 2009

2009 Changes

First day in the work after the holidays: Lot's of little details, some new people, back to basics and a good meal at the local restaurant Ukkohauki. Somehow the first day always surprises. And I was a little tired, like my batteries of the mind were not fully loaded. Although my holidays were very good and relaxing in many ways. It's good to be back at work. The first months will be full of action and much need to be done to fulfill our goals before summer.

This year will be full of changes. I cannot reveal all the planned things just yet, but some I can. We will be having a vicar elections in autumn. Our current vicar's first day at the neighbouring parish will begin in the first days of February. The caretaker-vicar will start at then and her caretaker chaplain will start at the same time. And his caretaker pastor will start in May. These are the main things in our parish this year in personnel matters. But that's not all. Two new youth leaders have started their work in the 1st of January and one deacon, missionary secretary and a chaplain will retire before summer. So there's open vacancies and perhaps new people coming in. The youth team I'm a member of will have a new boss in late months of this year. He/she is my boss after that. That changes our team too.

So what to make of all this? A lot of changes, many quite natural (retirement etc.). Somehow things have developed this way. I hope the changes will bring our parish new visions, dreams and courage to fulfill them. And perhaps we can evaluate our current traditions and decide what to keep and what to end. We hang on too much in our old patterns (some good, of course) and it blinds us to see. That's why new people are always good in seeing things like that and they have the innocence to stir things up.

Exciting year coming!!

This entry became so loooong, that maybe tomorrow there'll be a translation of some kind in Finnish.

Lordi: Monsters keep me company

sunnuntai 4. tammikuuta 2009

Music to my soul

This is one of the best songs I´ve ever heard in Christian Music scene. In the middle of the war news and the bad news of the world this is a comforting song for me. It always brings tears to my eyes. There is hope.

Tämä on yksi parhaista kristillisistä musiikkikappaleista mitä olen ikinä kuullut. Sotaisten ja huonojen uutisten keskellä tämä laulu lohduttaa. Ja joka kerta sen kuullessa silmäni kostuvat. Toivoa on.

SAVIOUR MACHINE: The end of the age
From the dawn of time

Man has always sought peace
But war has been the terror of his legacy
The horror of his fate
The final hours of history...

For as long as man
Stands at war with his God
He will be condemned to stand at war
With himself and his seed
Behold, the greatest conspiracy...

For I have seen hell and the torment of the damned
In the day of evil, in the dying hour...

In the balance of power
And the origin of fate
Lies the sovereignty of man
In the doctrine of hate...

The hour of redemption is upon us
And the day of judgment will bring
The end of the dream
The end of the nightmare
The end of all the days
The end of the fighting
And the end of the rage
That lies in our mortal remains
At the end of the age...

lauantai 3. tammikuuta 2009

Greeting - Toivotus

Somehow I always hope for it. And it'll never happen. But still, that would make me happy.

I'm talking about the President's traditional New Year's Speech. When our former president Martti Ahtisaari was in charge, he always finished his speech: God bless you, Finnish people (or something like that). He was the first president who did that. Tarja Halonen has never done that.

When Ahtisaari said those words, many said that he's a hypocrite, trying to fish votes and popularity among the believers. Whether this is true or not, I thought it was a good thing to say. Martti Ahtisaari was was actively working with Christian missionaries at his Namibia days and at least missionary work is known and respected by him.


Sitä niin useasti odottaa, kun siihen tottui. Eikä sitä tule. Tasavallan presidentti ei enää toivota kansallemme Jumalan siunausta uuden vuoden puheessaan. Pieni asia varmaan monelle, mitätönkin, mutta ei se huonoa meille suomalaisille tekisi asiasta muistutt

Nykyinen presidenttimme varmaan pitää sitä tekopyhänä kosiskeluna, koska Ahtisaarta syytettiin samasta. Vaikka se sitä olisikin, niin ei se mua haittaisi. Ahtisaari sai lokaa mutta myös kehuja noista sanoista ja joka vuosi ne lausui kaikesta huolimatta. Hän teki paljon yhteistyötä mm. Namibian aikoina lähetystyöntekijöiden kanssa, joten jotain arvostusta hänellä on kristillistä työtä kohtaan.

Yllätyin kuinka pettynyt olin tuohon tämän vuoden alun puheeseen. Miksiköhän niin kovasti odotin, että Tasavallan Presidentti toivottaisi suomalaisille Jumalan siunausta?

Flogging Molly: Requiem for a dying song

torstai 1. tammikuuta 2009

Photos - Kuvia

I´ve added a few photos on my Flickr account. Here´s one!

Laitin muutaman kuvan Flickrin sivuilleni, tässä yksi!