perjantai 29. elokuuta 2008


I removed the old counter, because their website was out several days. Now in use is from So the new day has begun and countings starts from zero again.

Some other changes is to come, if I can add them correctly...

Joy and medication

My hands are ill. There´s some kind of bacteria infection in these, and I´m on sick leave until next Friday. My hands are sore, skin is broken and reddish. Quite terrible looking, in fact. My first doctor sighed loudly when seeing them and sent me immediately to skin-specialized doctor. He gave me antibiotics, many lotions and some strange purple powder to be mixed with water. I must keep my hands in that water-based liquid two times a day. So now I´m wearing Mickey Mouse gloves almost all the time.

But FC Honka won the second match in UEFA Qualification round yesterday. They are through to the first round of the competition. Honka and FK Viking Stavanger drew 0-0 in Espoo, but yesterday Honka won 2-1 in Stavanger. And totally silenced the arrogant Norwegians!

The goals are HERE:

Jaakko Lepola´s goal is magnificent!!

Freedom Call: Call of fame

maanantai 25. elokuuta 2008


I finally found one song that has popped in my mind regularly. It has an “easygoing” melody, so it stayed in my head. It has been years since the last time I heard it, but I instantly recognised it when I found in on the internet. After it went to my head, I used to hum it to myself from time to time, even played the easy chords on the guitar. I only remembered vaguely the first verse… Until now.

The song KILKELLY, IRELAND is based on actual letters sent from Ireland from a small town Kilkelly to United States. The effect of Great Potato Famine in Ireland during the 1845-52 which killed nearly a million people in Ireland, is clearly visible in this song. The is written by an American Peter Jones, who found the letters from his ancestors father, mother and relatives. From these letters found in the attic, he composed this song. The John, to whom the letters were sent, is Peter Jones´great grandfather John Coyne.

After you have watched the video, listen the song once more and follow the lyrics. One of the Youtube quotes commenting this song: if you got a drop of Irish blood in you this song should hit you like a ton of bricks.

Find out more the history of this touching song from the links below.

Kilkelly, Ireland, 18 and 60, my dear and loving son John
Your good friend the schoolmaster Pat McNamara's so good
As to write these words down.
Your brothers have all gone to find work in England,
The house is so empty and sad
The crop of potatoes is sorely infected,
A third to a half of them bad.
And your sister Brigid and Patrick O'Donnell
Are going to be married in June.
Your mother says not to work on the railroad
And be sure to come on home soon.

Kilkelly, Ireland, 18 and 70, dear and loving son John
Hello to your Mrs and to your 4 children,
May they grow healthy and strong.
Michael has got in a wee bit of trouble,
I guess that he never will learn.
Because of the dampness there's no turf to speak of
And now we have nothing to burn.
And Brigid is happy, you named a child for her
And now she's got six of her own.
You say you found work, but you don't say
What kind or when you will be coming home.

Kilkelly, Ireland, 18 and 80, dear Michael and John, my sons
I'm sorry to give you the very sad news
That your dear old mother has gone.
We buried her down at the church in Kilkelly,
Your brothers and Brigid were there.
You don't have to worry, she died very quickly,
Remember her in your prayers.
And it's so good to hear that Michael's returning,
With money he's sure to buy land
For the crop has been poor and the people
Are selling at any price that they can.

Kilkelly, Ireland, 18 and 90, my dear and loving son John
I guess that I must be close on to eighty,
It's thirty years since you're gone.
Because of all of the money you send me,
I'm still living out on my own.
Michael has built himself a fine house
And Brigid's daughters have grown.
Thank you for sending your family picture,
They're lovely young women and men.
You say that you might even come for a visit,
What joy to see you again.

Kilkelly, Ireland, 18 and 92, my dear brother John
I'm sorry that I didn't write sooner to tell you that father passed on.
He was living with Brigid, she says he was cheerful
And healthy right down to the end.
Ah, you should have seen him play with
The grandchildren of Pat McNamara, your friend.
And we buried him alongside of mother,
Down at the Kilkelly churchyard.
He was a strong and a feisty old man,
Considering his life was so hard.
And it's funny the way he kept talking about you,
He called for you in the end.
Oh, why don't you think about coming to visit,
We'd all love to see you again.

maanantai 18. elokuuta 2008


Last Saturday I was in a happy meeting. In Kerava, one of my cousins have invited all the cousins of my mother´s side to his home. And more than 15 attended.

Almost all the time went remembering old times and talking what everybody´s doing today. I´m the oldest one and our children are almost the oldest ones too, so the younger cousins are in the state of babies now. Strangely almost everyone family has two children.

In my youth and childhood, I mostly met my cousins in Kurikka, my grandparent´s home. That´s because most of them lived here in Southern Finland and in the capital area and I lived much norther. Every summer we met there and played and spent time together. Me and Tapio used to record our own funny radio shows in the cellar and we laughed a lot at that comic. And with Pekka and Timo, we four used to shop in the nearby stores (Kipsakka and Hissan kauppa) and go swimming to Pitkämö Lake. Those were the days. I must visit my grandparents home town Kurikka and see what is changed and what is not.

I´ve noticed that older I get, the more interested I´ll be in the history of my family and genealogy. In my bookshelf there´s a book that my aunt has written in my father´s family history. One day I´ll start reading it. I don´t want to read it in little pieces, I feel I have to give it the time it deserves.

Europe: Open your heart

keskiviikko 13. elokuuta 2008

Perfidious Words

I found another great, sad and haunting melody! This one is from the band called Perfidious Words. And the title is called Welt which means world in English.

After searching their website and MySpace, it seems that they have done their music mainly in English. But there´s so much English music all around us, that I decided that you must hear the German music.

And I have decided long time ago, that once in a while, I´ll introduce some German music. Always with a nice melody.

You can listen this nice piece of music by clicking the Visual Music at the left.


endlos schöne jahre verloren an die zeit
stete depressionen ersticken glück im keim

spiel mit dem gedanken ewiger leidenschaft
doch die welt da draussen
raubt dir die letzte kraft

und wenn die welt nun zusammenbricht
hoffe ich du wirst verstehen
alles was mir wichtig ist
wird mit mir untergehen

verboten schöne träume
verzerrte wirklichkeit
wahre illusionen
bestimmen stets dein leid

ewige konventionen
beschränken deinen sinn
sie rauben dir die freiheit
und du weisst nicht wohin

Thank you internet radio for this nice piece of music!

tiistai 12. elokuuta 2008

Interesting views of the future

Richard Chartres, the Bishop of London in Anglican Church, made some interesting remarks about the future. He attended the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury England. I read these from the Kotimaa (Finnish Christian newspaper). Here some of his thoughts:
  1. The map of our world will return back 300 years. There were many centers in the world back then. Those major powers will be China, India, Islamic world and Europe.

  2. 21 century is a century of major changes. The power of the Western world will decline and pass and Asia will rise to it´s historical position.

  3. Ecological threats will be serious and have a deep impact in the world.

  4. In Anglican Church, the African and Asian younger churches will be stronger and England will have to give up its leading role in the global Anglican Church. That will change the whole church.

I wonder in bishop´s comments that is it really possible to neglect United States´role in the future world. It´s so easy to underestimate that world power whether you like current governments´ actions or not. It´s so modern to be anti-US in Europe, but I was astonished that a leading bishop of England will fall into that trap. I don´t believe that he just forget the Americans.

I agree that in Christianity all over the world, the African, Asian and Southern American Churches will change the Christianity. The all-time solid Catholic Church will much remain it´s power, but cultural changes inside the Church will surely mold the church. The Western world has been in the process of secularization and islam is rising in the western world. My humble opinion is that the European Protestant Churches will slowly turn in more traditional and conservative ways because that´s the only way to survive in the secular world. In that way islam will change the Church too. Before that Finnish Lutheran Church will lose it´s position as a state Church. And then my prediction about the rise of conservatism will happen.

The bishop has stopped flying, because of the ecological reasons. Respect!

Revolution Renaissance: Did it my way
(Great song, by the way, the return of Timo Tolkki and Michael Kiske!)

keskiviikko 6. elokuuta 2008


I finally added some pics in my Flickr pages. Some of my "artistic" ones ( I dont´t know the real criteria which ones are these and which aren´t) and many from our recent trip to Skansen, an open-air-museum in the Djurgården island in Stockholm.

Some animal photos will be added soon.

Here´s some examples:

KENT: 400 slag

maanantai 4. elokuuta 2008

Back, zurück

An amazing week has joined the history´s line of weeks. I had a great, emotionfull, spirit lifting, comical, inspiring, intensive, innovative and unforgettable time in Finnish-German confirmation camp.

I found out again, what is the strenght of the Finnish Church teaching the basics of Christianity in a camp with the youths. The people spent so much time together that is natural for the youths to speak with us of the things in their mind. And those things are mainly Christianity related or about their personal matters in life. We try to help, guide, teach and wonder together. And be still in prayer togehter.

More information about the unique Finnish Confirmation training is found here

You can look some photos from there and read almost daily-written entries from me, my colleagues and the youth who are to be confirmed.

What a week!

Mehida: Grace