tiistai 22. heinäkuuta 2008

Goethe´s Erben & Peter Heppner (ex-Wolfsheim)

Here´s a new video in the music spot on the left side. Some sad, soft, sensitive German music to soothe your mind. It´s about glass garden and the fragile flowers inside. "In the glass garden the moon kisses the light", what a beautiful phrase in German!


Wie aus Wasser geformt - erstarrt
gesprungenes Lachen
Elfenstimmen eilen
zwischen den klaren Blüten
eisgleicher Äste
glashafter Bäume

Ob sie wohl Leben?
Sie werfen keine Schatten
nur gebrochene Bilder
sie fächern das Licht

Im Glasgarten verirrt sich die Zeit
und bleibt als Moment erhalten

Nur der Mond weist den Weg zum Morgen
erlaubt der Sonne einen neuen Tag
Im Glasgarten küßt der Mond das Licht

Nichts duftet
geschmacklos die Frucht
Wer genießt sie?
Im Kristallglas
verirrt sich das Licht

Nur der Mond weist den Weg zum Morgen
erlaubt der Sonne einen neuen Tag
Im Glasgarten küßt der Mond das Licht

Die Blumen wirken spröde und starr
wem sollte ich diese Kälte schenken
die Leere zumuten
unmöglich sie zu pflücken
sie zerspringen in abertausend Splitter
winzige Kristalle
die im Fallen singen
den Atem der Elfen
an jedes Ohr
das bereit ist
zu hören

Nur der Mond weist den Weg zum Morgen
erlaubt der Sonne einen neuen Tag
Im Glasgarten küßt der Mond das Licht
wie alles - klar - glatt - rein
wie alles - klar - glatt - rein

New blog link

I´ve just added a new blog to my blogroll in the left column. Please click yourself to Paul´s site and find out more:


My greetings to Netherlands, Hoofddorp!

sunnuntai 20. heinäkuuta 2008

Pirate Priest

One friend of mine just got into the Helsinki University to study theology. I´ve added his blog in the Blog list of the left column. It´s in Finnish.

Next week I´m going to work again and from Thursday on I´ll be in the Finnish-German comfirmation camp. So this blog will be silent during next two weeks.

You can follow the happenings on that camp from
http://sasublogi.blogspot.com. I´ll try to update it daily, add some photos etc.

Muse: Bliss

keskiviikko 16. heinäkuuta 2008

Murder in Köyliö

Tuesday we made a little trip to nearby villages and towns. We left Yläne cottage to see Säkylä, Eura, Kauttua and Köyliö. The drive through the beautiful coastal route of Lake Pyhäjärvi was very nice. That lake is the largest one in Western Finland. The wind was hard, and the lake seemed very alive.

I visited my grandfathers grave in Köyliö, my father was born there. I had a little silent prayer there. My grandfather worked all his life in the Köyliö church as a caretaker (taking care of all the practical things). I must carry on my new desire to learn about my relatives from the past centuries.

It has been very long since I've been in Köyliö and it was absolutely stunning to see that small town's centre hasn't changed at all. Same buildings were still there and nothing new has been erected. Was that a hopeless sign of a town that won't develop or the comfort of old times in what to cling? I fear the first...

Köyliö is famous in Finland, because tradition tells that the first bishop of Finland was killed in the Lake Köyliö. The catholic Henry met his maker in the hands of the local farmer Lalli. He murdered the man who brought Christianity to Finland with an axe. The memorial site is the only place in Finland that Christians have arranged ecumenical pilgrimages. The site is in a small island. Visitors must use a rowing boat to get there. Unfortunately the wind was so strong that we couldn't visit the place. Our children were disappointed the most, they have been taught about Henry in school this spring.

Wind was still strong today. We were swimming in the Lake Pyhäjärvi and the lake was wild. We had fun though.

Iron Maiden: Hallowed be thy name

maanantai 14. heinäkuuta 2008

Sunday and journey to the countryside

The coming week is a holiday week for me and my family. We have rented a cottage by the lake Pyhäjärvi for a week. It's in a small village called Yläne. The others went Saturday, I'm going today, the bus is leaving to Forssa and Loimaa soon.

I was in a Confirmation Mass yesterday. As our confirmation camp was spiced up with music, so was the Mass too. The church was filled with music and happiness, it's once in a lifetime experience for the young ones.

In Finland it's customary that after the Mass the group's leaders and co-leaders visit the homes they are invited to. Usually sing a song or to the family and relatives. We had four invitations and the moments in those homes were warm and welcoming. I hope these are the moments the family will remember. It's enjoyable to have deep discussions with the family members about their children and the time in the camp.

But now, my bus is coming and journey to Satakunta begins! I'm blogging from my mobile, so there might be some errors included, sorry.

Von Hertzen Brothers: Disciples of the sun

torstai 10. heinäkuuta 2008

Very tired

I just came home from a confirmation school camp. It was especially organised as a music camp. We had guitars (both acoustic and electric), bass, drum, two congas, piano etc. with us and we played a lot together. The day included some learning and teachings of Christian faith, swimming, Taize prayer, playing games, campfire nights, a trip to Christian festival, football matches and eating five times a day. And just random fun.

There were some tiresome matters too, a little trouble was happening during all time at the camp. That was sad, annoying and tiresome. A few people can affect so much for the camp spirit in their lack of interest. It was great the the leading team and so called big brothers and sisters were marvellous people! Thanks Juha, Esa, Heikki, Nora, Julia, Kirsi, Einar and Dani!

I had some great moments with some of the youths. Just playing and doing funny stuff together mends many things.

We have a training for Sunday´s Confirmation Mass in friday afternoon and then we´ll meet in 8.00 in Sunday Morning at Olari Church.

HIM: In joy and sorrow

God bless you all!