maanantai 30. kesäkuuta 2008


Congratulations to Spain, the better team won the EURO2008 Final.

I can´t understand why the Germans didn´t rise up to the challenge more in the late stages of the match. One reason is that the Spaniards have a dominance in the midfield. But still, there should have been more aggressiveness in the last 15 minutes. Substitutions were awful, Lahm was much better in offence than Jansen, despite his failure in stopping Fernando Torres. And sad to say, I expected more from Mario Gomez too. Referee Rosetti was a little blamed too, he missed the clear penalty in the Spanish penalty area. And Silva should have red-carded for his headbutt. But this is all speculation, Spain deserved their win.

But I almost guessed right in my predictions in this tournament. If you see my earlier posts, I said that Turkey will be a surprise in this tournament and Germany will win.

Now Finland will face the Germans in September in World Cup Qualification match. Hopefully we will suprise them! I believe so.

Queen: We are the champions

perjantai 27. kesäkuuta 2008


In Stockholm there´s an island in the centre of city called Djurgården. In that island the main attractions are amusement park Gröna Lund, museum of the old Swedish warship Wasa and Nordic Museum (concentrating on Swedish history). And many other minor sightseeing spots etc.

And then there´s Skansen, the world´s oldest open air museum. In that large area there are many old Swedish and Sami houses, streets, villas, manors, villages etc. It was tremendous to see the glassmakers, bakeries, blacksmiths, church, post offices, banks, inns, cafés, roads, walkways, potteries, engineering and woodworking arts and crafts in that area. All was made that it was easily accessible for all to see, go inside houses and meet workers there that were dressed old-fashioned way.

We bought some heart-shaped cookies and buns almost straight from the oven in the bakery. And just walked around the area, drank some coffee and admired the sights.

And in addition to this historical marvellous sights, there were Nordic animals area too. Many of the animals have little babies, so our girls liked this visit very much. The wolves have puppies and the moose have a little calf(?) too. One large bear decides to take a pee right in front of the audience, I wonder was that a message to us humans. Two wild boars have more than ten baby pigs running around in circles around their mothers, daddy was sleeping in the mud (as fathers do...)

And as always there´ll be pics in the Flickr.

Def Leppard: Animal

keskiviikko 25. kesäkuuta 2008

Cruising Stockholm

My family has a habit that once a year we´ll visit Stockholm in a cruise from Helsinki. Last few days we spent on board Silja Symphony and in Skansen Stockholm.

I´ll write more about Skansen the days to come, but one unexpected surprise happened on the cruise. On Silja Line´s ships there´s always a dance/performance group on board to perform us some kind of family show. All the other cruises that I´ve been, the shows were mediocre at most, not anything more. But this time it was really good performance by the apparently Brazilian show/acrobatic group called Up Leon. The acrobatics were so stunning that I´ve never seen such jumps, throws etc.! So if you have a chance to see them perform, please don´t miss that!

I think this is their website:

Dream Theater: Change of seasons

tiistai 17. kesäkuuta 2008

München and Pullach photos online

I´ve just spent next some hours to add my photos from München in my Flickr account. This work-trip took place in last May.

Pearl Jam: I am mine

Old cars

Some days ago I was taking my daughters bike to the repair-garage because the guarantee time was still valid. On my way there I discovered that there was an old car show in the nearby art gallery. To be precise, it was at the outside parking area. After the bike shop visit, I took some time to look at these old cars.

Car factories won´t make this kind of cars anymore. All the cars today have a smooth look and curved fronts. Sport cars have influenced normal cars too much. These oldies were quite amazing atually. I have never been much of a car fan, but old golden times from the 30´s to 70´s were great in car industry. Then it was not so necessary that car must be fast. People had time when going from places to places. And of course car were some kind of a luxury, as it still is in many poorer countries.

New cars are rubbish compared to the old cars. That´s my opinion.

I wish I´d had my camera with me, I would have taken some photos. The one above is courtesy of Espoo Car Museum.

Here are some links:

Alice Cooper: Under my wheels

maanantai 16. kesäkuuta 2008

New visual music

I discovered some weeks ago an interesting Israeli artist IDAN RAICHEL, who mixes many different music styles together. Ethiopian and Yemenite tradition can be heard of his music with many more influences from different. He is very popular in Israel and his efforts towards peace through music are strong in Israel. In his wikipedia note I found that Israel Defence Forces has a rock band of their own. Unbelievable!


keskiviikko 11. kesäkuuta 2008


I´ve been here in Isokyrö with my daughters since Sunday. Our father and mother live here still. We drove here with my sister and we talked about this place where she has born and I´ve spent about 20 years of my youth.

We spoke about how much this place have change during the years we have only visited here. This place is not the same anymore. And it´s too idealistic to think otherwise. Rarely any of my friends live here anymore and I don´t know so many people here, new people have arrived. Houses and buildings have been either demolished or renovated into something totally different. And some new buildings have been constructed. The post office have been integrated with the swim hall.

Some changes are inevitable and cannot be avoided. It´s still nice to visit here, but I can´t think of my family living here. Still these places that I´ve collected in my memory will always be there. This dialect is my own and it warms my heart to hear someone speaking it fluently. This is my area where I once felt home. Now the feeling has changed, but there´s still some longing to this place.

For how long, that I don´t know...

Entwine: Losing the ground

lauantai 7. kesäkuuta 2008

European football

Here comes Euro 2008! I´ve added a new widget so that you, my dear reader, can easily access all the results and standings of the tournament. The champion will be Germany or Italy and Turkey will cause many surprises.

keskiviikko 4. kesäkuuta 2008

Congratulations Barack Obama!

United States has avoided Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton line of succession. Now the change will most definitely come. I hope and believe...

Neil Young: Looking for a leader

maanantai 2. kesäkuuta 2008


My summer holiday has begun! And it was time to put some of my München airport aircraft pics to the Flickr. Here are two shots from that batch. Old enthusiasm came back to me when adding these, I should find more time to take pictures from different aircrafts and airlines.

Twisted Sister: The fire still burns