sunnuntai 30. maaliskuuta 2008

Too many movies...

After buying a digital TV-box (the propably wrong term translated from Finnish) with a hard drive, I have been in trouble.

The box allows you to save a movie from TV with a timer, so it's very easy to collect a movie library in the drive. I delete the movie after watching it. But I have eight good movies there still, I can't catch up. too many channels nowadays...

Last 2-3 weeks I have watched movies like: Michael Collins, The Code, Casino Royale, Alien vs. Predator, Taxi-driver just to mention few. You can find my reviews in my Facebook profile. And there are some very good ones waiting...

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torstai 27. maaliskuuta 2008


Just added a new web 2.0 application widget! I joined Jaiku, thanks to Medienschmerz-Mesq!

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keskiviikko 26. maaliskuuta 2008

Out of chest

Do you know the feeling that something hasn´t been quite finished for a long time and from time to time, it comes back to your mind? Then you remember that you must take care of it?

Today morning, I brought back to my mind one this kind of thing. Many years ago, in my work, we had a difficult situation in our youth work. I won´t go into details but I still don´t quite know whether we handled it well or badly. Many talks and discussions were made then between all the parties, but no real proceed happened. It involved so many people and that made it very complicated. It was very tiresome to all parties involved.

Today I spoke with one person involved in this argument. Only in 5 minutes, but it was very good 5 minutes. It cleared some things, but time has made its mark to us and there´s a possibility that details have faded in our minds too. Perhaps it´s better that way, our memory is forgiving. But still we made the contact and that was good. I´ll try to go easily on with this matter, let´s see what will happen in the future. Maybe time has healed some wounds and everyone´s grown with this matter and we can talk in a different level.

And it´s out of my chest, somehow. Progress have been made and I feel relieved.

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sunnuntai 23. maaliskuuta 2008


Winter? Or what is this season?

Finnish winter in the southern region has been exceptional. Here the snow has been very rare, only a few days. Experts have said that officially there hasn´t been winter at all. That would have needed 5 days below the zeo Celsius. This hasn´t happened.

Until now. Halfway to March suddenly cold wind blow over southern Finland and we have had many days snowing, not so much, but some almost every day. Degrees have fallen under zero. The danger of wrong clothing is imminent every day. No wonder an angry flu virus is spreading here and many colleagues have took a hit from it. Sick leaves are often at work.

Same time spring is coming and sun shines from almost cloudless sky every day.

So days have been cold but sunny after the winterless winter.

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tiistai 18. maaliskuuta 2008

Silent rides

Our car maintenance was due. So I drove early morning to Delta-Auto in Konala Helsinki. Painful 800€!! I took my mp3-player with me to listen some music on the bus rides to city centre and back to Espoo.

After giving my car away, bus came almost right away. I put the earphones on turned Whitesnake on. Then I looked the other people in the bus.

Almost everyone have earphones too. I-pods, mp3-players etc are so common here. Some years ago the Finns thought that it's awkward to sit in a full bus, everybody silently just gazing to the windows avoiding eye contact.

Not anymore! Now we can drown in our minds and music, nobody notices if something would happen. Some free newspapers have made it easier too, they are available everywhere. But you must turn your mobile of, because it can't be heard through music hitting your ears. But on the other hand, nobody hears your phone ringing. Poor bus-driver!

Why are we so attached to everything that'll lead us towards isolation? There's a growing need in all of us to be with other, to belong, to be known and to be heard. Will our society ever turn and what'll be the change that'll lead us towards each other again?

I remember the local bus driver from the Fuengirola Spain. He talked with other passengers, how thirsty he was and said that he will die if he don't get some orange juice. And he simply stopped the bus in front of a store and bought the liquid. And everyone at the bus smiled when he returned. And nobody was agitated, angry or anything. Nice laughs filled that lemon-colored bus.

This entry was blogged on the bus 106 now in Keilaniemi Espoo. People are going to school and work, I'm going home.

maanantai 17. maaliskuuta 2008

torstai 13. maaliskuuta 2008


Last entry of the Spain saga.

One cloudy day we attended a trip from Fuengirola to Gibraltar. I rose early in the morning, picked up our lunch (Orange, youghurt, tiny wat
er bottle, cracker-bread and some spices) and at 7.00 the bus arrived. We experienced a nice sunrise and our guide that day, Anssi, lectured us about Spanish history. He was very good in his way telling, I listened with a lot concentration.

Then we saw The Rock.

Gibraltar officially belongs to Great Britain, and that was very obvious there. We have been used to Spanish traffic signs and shop advertisements, but here almost no Spanish were found. But I´m sure almost all of Gibraltarians speak Spanish fluently. The Rock City has a language of their own, Spanglish, mixture of both languages.

City, or country, or county, or something is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. It´s just a tip of strait between Africa and Europe. But that tip has been enourmously important to the country who governs it. That ruler can rule over traffic between these two major oceans. You can read all the battles more in the links at the end of my story.

Gibraltar is a tax paradise, there are about two firms/businesses/companies with every citizen. If counted that way: There are hundreds of companies that own only a box office there. Some a lot of criminal money is invested there in the banks. Here´s one photo of the graffiti near the border in side of Spain, which tells us that not all the communication between Spaniards and Gibraltarians are nice and tourist attracting. (Peter Caruana is a Chief Minister of Gibraltar)

Tourism is the other main source of income, heavy ship-building is another. There was a nature disaster waiting to happen, one tanke
r of the many was shipwrecked nearby in the Gibraltar waters. Spain has done an official complaint about this in the EU court, but there has been no response from the British government. At least until then, I don´t know what´s the situation now.

One of the main attractions in Gibraltar are the Macaque, the last of the wild European monkeys. Britis military forces have been taken care of them for a very long time, Churchill even made it as an official policy to keep these monkeys alive there. There are about 600 of them in the Rock, they are officially fed but unofficially they eat
all they can steal from tourists.

We were warned not to go nearby baby monkeys with mother nearby, but from seconds on, one small monkey jumped on my coat and started scratching my head! it wasn´t frightening, until I saw his/her mother coming towards me. No, there was no fight, mother allowed her baby to climb all over me. One of the nicest moments of our Spain holiday!

We also visited St. Michael´s Caves, a beautiful walk inside the Rock. There was found very old skull of the same time as Neanderthal. We walked in the moisty corridors and smelled the Rock. That Rock has many many tunnels inside crossing each other and they are mostly in British military use.

Recommended!! For the sake of history, for the sake of Macaque!

I´ll add pics in the Flickr in the future.

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maanantai 3. maaliskuuta 2008

lauantai 1. maaliskuuta 2008

Fuengirola Zoo

About 40 pics from the animals have been added to my Flickr page, visit and see the beautiful birds and mammals and many more.

The visit to the Zoo was one of the main attractions to us since we visited the webpages in Finland. Internet painted us a very nice picture of this cageless zoo. Fuengirola Zoo is built up in the way that there´s no need for cages or bars, the animals can roam and live in the very much naturelike exhibitions and surroundings.

We bought umbrellas (2 of 4 broke in that week...) just in case there´s rain. Good decision, because during our visit in the zoo sometimes rain was hard and sometimes it just stopped. Crazy weather in Spain! I was mostly behind the umbrella, because I wanted to protect the camera. But we decided that we don´t let the r
ain depress us, and we tried just enjoy the walk through that nice and small zoo. Because of the bad weather, there were just a few people, but luckily the animals were very active.

There w
ere small paths through the zoo, we just walked around and around until we have seen all the animals. Our children loved the little monkeys that were behind the glass window but played with us. We made gestures with our faces and hands and they followed. They even had a sad face when we tried to go further, we had to play with them some more.

One guardianlike bird was scary. It had a very small head but feathers
and claws were terrible size. It just stared at us motionless. You´ll understand when you look at the pic in Flickr. And of course in the zoo, there must be an ugly bird, there´s one in that zoo too. Crocodiles very massive and magnificent! Their teeth looked very sharp and I don´t wonder the experts say that the crocodile can kill other animal with its tail.

Chimpanzees and gorillas were very close to us, just behind the glass wall, one gorilla baby looked at us carefully. Not angry but anxious to get to know who we are. Later in our Gibraltar trip, I´ll tell you more about getting to know monkeys in very close...

And active tigers are very rare, but right then they were very active. Despite the male, who just gazed the mother and kitten while they played together in the nearby tree. Tigers are just incredibly beautiful animals!

The Fuengirola Zoo is said to be small and the visit there won´t take long, but it did to us. But we had a really nice time there, despite occasional rain.

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