perjantai 30. marraskuuta 2007

Power to the people!

Protests force Facebook to change

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, AP
Many users resented Facebook grabbing and sharing data

Facebook members have forced the social networking site to change the way a controversial ad system worked.

More than 50,000 Facebook users signed a petition calling on the company to alter or abandon its Beacon advertising technology.

When Facebook users shopped online, Beacon told friends and businesses what they looked at or bought.

Many considered the data sharing to be an intrusion that exposed them to more scrutiny than was comfortable.

Privacy please

In response to the demands, Facebook's 55 million members will have more control over whether data about what they do online is used for Beacon.

Before the changes, Beacon was an "opt out" system and many complained that they missed the chance to avoid using it when it was introduced in early November.

Now Beacon will be an "opt in" system that only tracks data if explicit permission is granted to Facebook to do so.

More than 40 websites, including, and Blockbuster, signed up to use Beacon software on their webpages and report what Facebook users did when they visited.

Activist site MoveOn was at the forefront of protests against Beacon and set up the petition to gather signatures on 20 November.

"It also says a lot about the ability of internet users to band together to make a difference," said Adam Green, a spokesman for MoveOn.

Facebook apologised for its actions via a letter on its website.

"We're sorry if we spoiled some of your holiday gift-giving plans," read the letter. "We are really trying to provide you with new meaningful ways, like Beacon, to help you connect and share information with your friends."

Industry commentator Om Malik said Facebook users had to be certain to opt out completely from Beacon otherwise Facebook would still collect data from partner sites - even if that data was not shared more widely.

The changes to Beacon may not be the last that Facebook has to make to the technology.

Two rights groups, the Electronic Privacy Information Center and the Center for Digital Democracy, are believed to be compiling a complaint to the US Federal Trade Commission about it.

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Since Wednesday evening, I´ve been bitten by the Fever and Cold. So my last days haven´t been so good. Head is humming, legs are weak and nose is full of youknowwhat. That´s why this blog has been silent for a few days.

Thankfully I have lovely comrades at workrk who have covered so of my duties. Thanks!

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maanantai 26. marraskuuta 2007

Door changing procedures today...

Our old home in Niittykumpu (Meadow Hill in English) has been under construction for the last few months. The whole house has been changing windows and back door and we have tens of apartments here. We live in the block of flats and our joint yard has been filled with all kinds of dirty stuff, splinters of wood, glass and pieces of metal and plastic trash. Not very nice...

First 2 days to change the windows, then 2 days to paint the window sills. After that window washers (1 day) and today the back door changers came and are drilling the walls right now. All have happened in the 2 days notice beforehand. And some worker-guy was on a sick leave for 2 weeks and nothing happened during that period. I think he was the Finnish boss of this operation. The Polish workers were very effective and said hello to us all every morning and did their job very well. Luckily I have had a possibility to work from home and be able to take care of the stressful cats during these operations.

And I don´t really care that much, because we are moving hopefully before Christmas. There has been a delay in that, but I hope that won´t be long. I´m missing our new home, we all are.

Well, the next tenants here will have a nice new windows and back door...

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lauantai 24. marraskuuta 2007

Saturday activities

I just spent three hours doing something with my hands and some "art"

And here´s the result:

I had to say, that I´m quite satisfied, although some problems occurred which I haven´t thought beforehand. The yellow is in front, painted by me, the basic sheet was black. That black was so powerful that I used all my yellow colour and some more would be nice.

"Show your colours!" is the main theme in Finnish Football Association. So I decided to follow their instructions :-)

You´ll meet this banner at the first FC Honka home game next season.
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keskiviikko 21. marraskuuta 2007

Fight the lusitanians!

Today is the most exciting day for Finnish football culture. Finland is fighting for the place in the European Championship Final Tournament in Austria and Switzerland in summer 2008.

Today evening, in Porto Portugal, takes place the most crucial battle: Portugal - Finland. Portugal need only a draw, Finland needs a win. And after that win, Finns still need help form Serbia`s opponents, Kazakhstan and Poland (who have already qualified). Serbia must not win both games.

Then our dream can come true.

There´s no room for typical Finnish negativity, and no stupid "we´ll do our best and hope that`s enough". Now is the time to support our team until the last minutes.

And regardless of the result, you are invited to join the loud supporters of Finland in Olympiastadion! Football (the number ONE sport of the world) is finally taking it`s place in our country too.

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maanantai 19. marraskuuta 2007

New video !

I´ve added a new video for you to feel, as always on the left hand side. Someone recorded Stryper live in Turku last Saturday. You get the feeling from the first row. Here´s their biggest hit:


Speak of the devil
He's no friend of mine
To turn from him is what we have in mind

Just a liar and a thief
The word tells us so
We like to let him know
Where he can go

To hell with the devil
To hell with the devil

When things are going wrong
You know who to blame
He will always live
Up to his name

He's never been the answer
There's a better way
We are here to rock you
And to say...

And I bought the T-shirt...

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sunnuntai 18. marraskuuta 2007

Sunday in Turku

We are currently going home in a bus, the Festival has ended.

Tired but happy is a known Finnish saying (or phrase) after something that was very good, but still you're tired after it. That is my fiiling now. This weekend was a very enjoyable, there youths are so great!

The last day started with a morning prayer in the Turku Ice Hall. After the food-break, 2 last bands performed to us. Estonian Crux was good, I liked one song especially. The last act was Finnish HB, which was their drummers last gig. So he set his drum kit on fire!!

Now the trip comes towards its end. Thi will be remembered. I filmed more than 3 hours of raw footage and I'll try to make a movie out of them.

Now home and sleeping....

Saturday in Turku

Saturday in Turku

I'll start with the best thing today: Stryper was awesome!! The yellow and black attack truly rocked the house. Amazing show!! Autograph lines were too long, so I didn't get any memorabilia.

I slept mediocre sleep, about 5 hours. The our group traveled from Steiner school to Exhibition Hall to eat breakfast. There already were couple of thousand kids waiting in line. Porridge, bread, cheese, sausage, orange and mild instant coffee was on the menu.

We attended many concerts today. Fine Christian music from various artists and bands. I went to the workshop titled Movies and DVD's, Christian faith and movies. Sad to say, it was disappointment, few movieclips were wisely chosen but the pastor who lectured was quite boring in his performance. And there were not really any new thoughts for me.

The youth workers meeting was fully packed. The business lounge of Turku Ice Hall was so full, me and my colleague had to sit on the floor. There were more than 300 youth workers there, so this really is the main event in the Finnish parishes all over the country. The stand up comedians were hilarious in their show about youth workers daily lives.

Now I'm so tired I could sleep more than 12 hours. But another 5-6 hours ahead... Good night! God bless!

lauantai 17. marraskuuta 2007

Friday in Turku

Right now our boygroup is in a very crowded gym class. I'm blogging with my mobile phone. There are way too many boys stuck in a small "room". And one toilet for 70-80 boys. I'm sure many safety regulations are being broken now. But the atmosphere is lively and full of testosterone. Laughter is being heard here and there. This will be an interesting night, I hope I'll get 5 hours sleep.

The Festival has started very well. The Christian heavy metal concert "Alternative Bomb Shelter" was clearing my ears with superb music. There was a reunion band called Deuteronomium, which was one of my favourites in the middle of '90's. They still sounded great!

The final event of Friday was a worship service in Turkuhalli. Thousands of youths attended and we sang together known songs.

Then the bus brought us to this Steiner School and the night adventure begins...

torstai 15. marraskuuta 2007

My weekend

Tomorrow I'll be leading a group of more than 40 people to a weekend-trip in Turku. We are attending the Scandinavia's biggest Christian Festival, Maata Näkyvissä ( with 13000 Christian youths around the country and abroad. That festival is our yearly tradition, and I have many good memories from these trips. Las week I participated a video course, and my aim that during the weekend is to shoot much video footage and later mold it to a road-movie. Then I'll send it to the attending youths in our parish. Maybe I'll blog something during the trip, but I won't make any promises...

The most famous performing band in the Maata Näkyvissä -Festival is STRYPER ( , the long-haired Christian hardrock act from USA.

Yesterday I received tickets to Nightwish' Helsinki Ice Hall concert!! Great great news and looking very much forward that New Years Day. I'm walking in the air ...

Stryper: To hell with the devil

keskiviikko 14. marraskuuta 2007

Multicultural seminar Part II

My "findings":

Study for all Finnish municipal youth work: Only 5% on Finnish municipalities have a strategy for multicultural youth work. And in 10 largest cities only three has a strategy for multicultural youth work. That doesn't mean that no actual work haven't been done, a lot surely is, but there's no strategy how to do it and what are the goals of this work. It is based on individual youth worker's best knowledge which differs of course. That's not bad (they know better than higher officials), but surely this kind of work needs a better long-term planning. The study shows too that the work is unsystematic, reactions to problems more than preventive. And problem-centered.

Helsinki's leader in municipal youth work in central area, said wise words: Immigrant's equality principal must be measured from the end, not from the beginning or in the middle of the integration process. Finnish system must "give" more time, help, counseling etc. to an immigrant families than native Finns so that end result is equality between Finland-born and foreign-born citizen. That is called positive discrimination. That's the only way equality can be achieved in general.

The same study revealed that almost no work has been done with the children that have right-wing attitudes, nazist, racist and antisemitic ideas. Only if there' some kind of trouble.

Who has a right to define what is racism/discrimination and what is not?

Multicultural work has to target the main population, there are the racist attitudes. Where children learn these attitudes? The answer is: From parents and other adults. Their attitudes are crucially important. Every adult is an example how to live with other people regardless of race etc.

When organizing a meeting between Finland-born and foreign-born youth workers too often try to "soften" youth's real-world and concrete questions to each other. So the real questions are left unanswered.

The last session was about internet and youth work against racism in the web. There are many organisations and individuals who are working this subject. And that work can be easily done by everyone of us.

Very good seminar! Activated many thoughts in my head...

Interesting links:

tiistai 13. marraskuuta 2007


Double text, of course something was bound to go wrong :-(

Nokia 9100 doesn't make miracles, I can't edit my last blog entry with this piece of machinery. My future future work mobile phone will be N61, hopefully N61i.

edit: 14.1. Removed duplicates

Multicultural seminar

I attended a seminar in Helsinki organised by Allianssi ( , the center of Finnish youth work. There are more than 100 member organisations in Allianssi.

The 2-day seminar theme was: The gathering of the workers and organisations in multicultural youth work in Finland.What is youth work against racism? Here are some of my thoughts and learnings after the first day:

Many people and organisations are working in the multicultural youth work, but they are not given enough resources (finances and human resources)

Many Finnish immigrants or asylum seekers are people who have been living in Finland more than 15 years. Many are still calling them immigrants, why? They are Finnish. That's how deep the attitudes are here in Finland. And what's the definition or Finnish, what is the basis of that?

Many immigrants youth can't make it through vocational school, because in many cases it takes them more than six years, when Finland-based young makes it in three. That's because all the things in society and in school are not familiar to them.

The main difficulty is language. Finland demands language skills from the immigrants that even native speakers can't pass. And many work can be done easily without perfect language skills. We native speakers cannot understand this and this is breaking the country's equality laws. And I heard that in many cases when a person with different background graduates from totally Finnish high school and has a Finnish diploma it is still mandatory to take a language test (which are organised rwice a year or so).That's Finnish racism in the government and municipal system.

There's a great project in Espoo Omnia school ( who try to take a immigrant young as a whole and help the person in ordinary life's questions.

Finnish society is waking up to realise that Finland has changed that multicultural work is slowly expanding and reaching to almost every way of life. Many people in youth work and in workplaces in general are wondering that ordinary skills in work are not accurate and effective anymore and we need to change our way of thinking. Multicultural work is affecting in many areas of life. And this cannot be avoided, so we must adapt our work with this.

The Finnish Minority Office' official told us about the legal issues concerning racism and how to act when that happens nearby you.

Very interesting seminar! Hopefully tomorrow will be as good as today.

Some interesting links:

A new widgety widget again

I´ve just added a new widget: A Verve Earth. After clicking it a while, it doesn´t seem to be very popular yet. But I think it has an opprtunity to grow. It uses Google maps, I think. I was the first one from Finland, jiihaa...

Visit and surf around clicking the left hand side button.

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sunnuntai 11. marraskuuta 2007

Unbelievable game!!!

The Finnish Cup Final was very exciting game! Sorry, that´s an understatement, the game was tremendous!!

FC Honka went to lead in the second half, but in the last few minutes TamU equalised. And off to the extra time! United made two goals and was leading 3-1. Everyone in the yellow and black group in the stands thought that the game was over. BUT like the wise footballmen say: The game is not over until the referee whistles. FC Honka made two goals and clawed the game to the penalty shootout. The Honka supporters went crazy!! Sadly Honka lost penalties and Tampere United are the champions in the league and Finnish Cup.

But what a game!!!!! I love this game! It has all thinkable emotions inside.

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Jean-Michel Jarre

Old classic available for you with a small click! Enjoy!

John Weckström

"The Magician" from FC Honka: GOAL OF THE SEASON FROM JOHN

Finnish Cup Final is today! In the evening of the Finnish Father´s Day the game will take place in Finnair Stadion

The clash between Tampere United (current champions) and mighty FC Honka from Espoo. The evening will hopefully be black and yellow!

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keskiviikko 7. marraskuuta 2007

The Day That Shook Finland

9 people has been killed.

The turning point of Finland.

Is this Wednesday the day that we will remember in future as a day that changed our wiews? That in this day we finally heard those calls about our youths despair, depression and agony? The day that we finally turned our adult heads towards our children and really looked inside their eyes? The day the politics in the government and city councils finally spend money in the right way to prevent these things. The day that hard capitalistic values were swept aside and we really cared about each other? The day that we started to spend more time with our families and really talked together?

Many experts in psychiatry and psychology said today that this tragedy was waiting to happen. The signs were in the air many years ago. Why we need a tragedy before we can take these warnings seriously? Why young lives are lost before we can have much better and expanding mental care for youngs? Why are so many adults afraid of youths? Why are they respested enough? Why society is forcing them to grow up too fast?

This country has forgotten it's children, it's youths and it's elders. We are a cold country where the only thing that matters is your age, your work, your positions and your results. We close profitable factories leaving hundreds of families broken and jobless. Lower the price of hard liquor knowing that this will kill the alcoholics. Spend too much time in work neglecting our children and leave them alone in our decorated homes for hours. We, the famous Nokia country, push our elders into nursing homes that experts can take care of them and we can go back to work. In Finland every day one lonely retired old man or woman commits suicide. Every fucking day!! And we are so hypocrite and politically correct to all this. We want to think that we are not racists, but just underneath the skin, the ugly monster awakes.

I hate this country.

The sadness is overwhelming.

Please take care of you loved ones and please connect with those who walk by. Give a little smile to a stranger and be glad if you can make him smile back to you. Try to make a little good deed every day, a small one is enough. And talk to someone.

Let this tragedy move YOUR heart and let it grow into something good.


Terrible terrible news

Fatal shooting at Finnish school
A policeman stands outside the school in Tuusula
Armed Finnish police rushed to the scene of the shooting, reports say
At least one person has been killed and three others injured in a shooting incident at a school in southern Finland, local media reports.

Police gave no details of the victims' injuries in the incident in the town of Tuusula, some 50km (30 miles) north of the capital Helsinki.

Finnish media reported that the shots had been fired by an 18-year-old man who is thought to be inside the school.

The building has now been surrounded by police and ambulances are on standby.


A Tuusula municipality spokesman said the gunman opened fire during a lesson, Finland's STT news agency said.

Students and staff fled in panic, and a number of heavily armed police were later seen rushing to the scene, STT said.

Some media reports suggested a message on the You Tube website was linked to the shooting.

The school reportedly has several hundred students.

BBC News

maanantai 5. marraskuuta 2007

Shame on Western World´s conscience

I just watched the movie Hotel Rwanda. An African Schindler´s List. It´s the story of Paul Rusesabagina.

The movie was based on a true story about a hotel manager in Kigali, Rwandan capital. He helps hundreds of people´s in the middle on Rwandan genocide. The war crimes and civil war there took more than ONE MILLION LIVES. That number is so large that it can´t be comprehended. Each and every one was a single living human being, killed in war or in the war crimes. Hutu or Tutsi. And it is not an accurate number, because many victims were never found.

And after a touching movie, I jumped to the wikipedia to gather more knowledge about the issue. This is truly based on real events in 1994. I wrote in the title line of this blog entry, that the burden of this genocide is laying on our consciences, because in those days, the Western World tried so little to prevent these inhuman killings that went throughout the country. And it was in the air a long time before anything happened, so that a clear prevention was really a possibility and many lives could have been saved.

There are few lines in the movie that reflects this guilt and should touch us still after 13 years: The UN evacuated all the non-Rwandans in the middle of the genocide. No Rwandan citizen was permitted to flee and the buses left just when one Catholic School entered the hotel leaving the children and forcing all the western priests and nuns to leave too. One photographer Jack (played by Joaquin Phoenix) says: “I´m so ashamed” when he had to walk through tens of people leaving them without any hope. So few words but they cut right through you. Before that Jack discusses with Paul after editing news material to the international press:

Paul Rusesabagina: I am glad that you have shot this footage and that the world will see it. It is the only way we have a chance that people might intervene.
Jack: Yeah and if no one intervenes, is it still a good thing to show?
Paul Rusesabagina: How can they not intervene when they witness such atrocities?
Jack: I think if people see this footage they'll say, "oh my God that's horrible," and then go on eating their dinners. [pause] What the Hell do I know?

Later we can ask, what could we have done. Could I have done something? I´m ashamed that I didn´t do about anything in those days. Perhaps just like Jack said. I´m ashamed that I don´t remember giving money then, maybe something, but surely not enough. And now after watching this, I know that there are many conflict areas in the world right now. And famine too. How could we know that maybe something like that is growing somewhere? Waiting to explode. In your neighbourhood?

Where is the mankind going? Straight towards doom, perhaps?

I strongly say to you, please read these links about the Rwandan genocide. They are horrible, but I think that´s the only way for us to wash a little bit of that shame off our shoulders. And let it touch you.

And search yourself. And act when it´s time to act. About Rwandan Genocide A tribute to Paul Rusesabagina About the movie About Paul Rusesabagina About the man who spread the hate through the infamous Hutu Radio Station urging to “kill all the cockroaches Tutsis”. About the man, who was one of the leaders of Hutu Militia Interahamwe, movement to wipe out all the Tutsis. About Interahamwe About the general in Rwandan Army.

Follow the links within the webpages and find more.

Eric Clapton: River of tears

torstai 1. marraskuuta 2007


We just came back. We visited our new future home. The current tenant showed us places, rooms and told us many things about their home. And we fell in love.

In northern Tapiola there´s an apartmentthat we really like. It is very very nice. Light all over and large windows. Instantly I had a though when we entered that this will be our new home. There are 4 rooms and a kitchen corridor. Square meters 87 which is enough for us. The living-room was quite large in the middle of the apartment and in the other end they had a kitchen table, in the corner was a small entrance to the kitchen. In there all the cupboards were new and it looked very clean and modern. There were 2 smaller bedrooms and one larger. And lots of closets for all the "stuff", clothes etc. One smaller WC and one larger. Windows were replaced 2 years ago, so they are practicly new.

There´s no elevator in the house and this apartment is in the 3rd floor. So that means a lot of carrying, but I won´t mind. The moving will happen maybe in the first days of December, and tomorrow we start collecting old cardboard-boxes. Fortunately the place is only w few kilometres to our home now, therefore it´s easy for me to take stuff there little by little by our Fiat Stilo (Our girls call it Justus nowadays...)

I´m happy !!

Die Toten Hosen: Nichts bleibt für die Ewigkeit

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