sunnuntai 28. lokakuuta 2007


What does Sunday mean to you?
  • Rest from work, rest from school
  • Time to spend with your family
  • Spent doing something that you have no time any other days
  • Holy day, sabbath from all the actions of the week
  • Time to sleep well or perhaps take a nap
  • Or something else
I´m writing this blog entry from my wife´s sister´s apartment because we take care of her she dogs while she is on holiday. One of her dogs had problems to sleep in our home. She constantly wondered around the apartment restlessly. We are not sure why, but perhaps she was nervous about our cats night wanderings. Or something...

So we decided that they have to go home, before she (I mean the dog) has a nervous breakdown. At 4 last night I drove to Helsinki and took the dogs with me. And went straight to bed at 5.

I´m spending here the whole day, because next night would be the same. So this Sunday today for me is spending time with this laptop, drinking coffee, watching tv, going out with dogs etc. So kind a lazy day, which is fine with me.

I should do many kind of things, but I doubt this´will happen today. Soon In Cologne there´s a game starting against CS Paderborn and Bundesligaradio will transmit this to me through the internet. And then maybe a little nap and some tv.

Yesterday I was with Honka Promotion Team in Tampere in the last Veikkausliiga game against Finnish Chanpions Tampere United. Honka won 0-2, I lost my voice to Honka due to shout all through the game with other supporters. Great day! So this resting day is good for me for this reason too.

So that´s my Sunday. As a Christian, I regard Sunday a holy day too. Not just resting. But I´m not very good in keeping it holy. Or it depends what people mean by the word holy. And that´s a great question!!

Iron Maiden: Infinite Dreams

torstai 25. lokakuuta 2007


This piece of music is a true masterpiece, lyrics and melodies both. Enjoy! Click the fanvideo on the left to hear while reading...

SONATA ARCTICA: White Pearl, Black Oceans...

(Tony Kakko)

I was born and raised by the sea, Shy yet proud,
Learned to stay away from the crowd
In my home, my lighthouse...
1000 steps down, round and round
New Years Eve, one night in the town
can change one life into eternity...

All I could see, her eyes,
we got caught in the moment, all of the night
Taken beyond all lines,
in silence leaving 'em all behind

She had found the sails, for the following night
The town, for her, was getting way too small
She promised to be mine
Forever, ...for that one night...

Moments, passion, small defeats
Concealed emotions, found in me
"You gave life to a brand new me..."

Crossing the wintry fields,
the first hour of morning light
Warmed by the flame inside,
the lasting memory of the ending night

I never had a chance to stop what hit me...
What broke my bones and mauled me...
After hours of deep, unwilling sleep... in a cold shelter
Fell back in the dark, and the hours of the day passed...

A Nightmare awakes me, blinking light!
There's no guide, blind ships in the night
Oh blood red moon, eat away the night

Darkness covers my lonely soul,
No one to feed the dying light...

Good morn', oh dreadful day,
I prayed the moon had lit the sea instead of me...
For the sails of night,
"please tell me everything's alright..."

My voice in the room broke the silence,
everybody killed me with their eyes...
What I was to hear made the people cry,
impossible for me to keep the tears inside

"All on the board White Pearl have died,
Coastal reef have tolled their lives
And you are the light of the night..."

One thing, I remember, before I fell on the ground...
Although I never saw the face,
A name was inked in his arm...

Love can be like poetry of demons, or maybe
God loves complex irony?
The family name stated I had seen before...
Written on her front door...

"Silence in the courthouse!"
A presence in the room, we both could feel
The father of her unborn child and me

All on the board White Pearl I have died,
Coastal reef have tolled their lives
While I was the guide light...
Back in my tower, run, run, run
Light is out, I hope to see
Black oceans beneath rise and swallow me

One step will take me back inside, another sees my end
No one can love a man who guarded the light
that died one faithful night, so many lives...
Flaming eyes I must confront before I'm truly stated free

Defining innocence is hell, after all that has past...
Building new walls inside my eternal night...
although they took my heart and dried me up
Sometimes I still bleed...

Show me the way
The light will show me a way on the grisly reefs
Too many dead ends I see
No soul can save me
The respect I lost, the measure of a man...

10.000 steps down, round and round
One night at the town and I'm hell bound
Black oceans beneath come and swallow me
All on the board White Pearl had died,
Coastal reef come toll my life
Black oceans beneath come and swallow me

My little tower, seal my fate
Help me pay back, end their hate
Black oceans beneath come and swallow me
One direction, down, down, down
Pitch black night for my old town
Black oceans beneath shall now swallow me

Viivi´s fine

The operation went well. She slept through it all. She was put a small microchip under her skin in the left paw. That´ll help if she is lost in the future. The yearly vaccine was not possible in the same time because of the medication.

Viivi and Pepe spent two days with my wife´s sister, because we had a window installation in our home. Now we have a modern new windows and the mess for moving furniture is gone too.

Some worries still exist in my mental neighbourhood, but hopefully things will settle down in time. Why do some people have so hard time in life. It´s sad.

Here´s Viivi when she was very young baby kitten!

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tiistai 23. lokakuuta 2007

Special day, worrying and joyful weeks!

Today is a special Tuesday for our cat Viivi. She is having a surgery that removes her womb and therefore she´s not going to be a mother-cat in the future.

This is a routine operation and it´s done in a very respectable (if not best) animal clinic in this country. And I truly believe all will be fine. But there´s a little worry inside me still. Viivi must wear some kind of tube (or something) around her neck for a week. I wonder how she´ll react to that.

Last days and some time longer, life has shown me its both sides. There has been worrying things in work and with my relatives, but also great things to look forward. My life has really been a rollercoaster-ride for and emotions are running high on both ways. I´m sorry I can´t tell you more, but them who know me, perhaps know what I´m talking about. Thank you friends! Maybe this is ther life of it´s fullest...

Some days I feel like listening to hardest metal I like (Megadeth for example) and some days are the days when some sounds of a Jean-Michel Jarre instrumentals make me cry. Some days are hard to go through and some goes flying by.

And some people say, life is not interesting and miss the action in the normal days. Normal days are just great, enjoy them all in the simpleness of life.

Yesterday I watched the movie Road to Perdition. It was quite emotional and yes I shed a few tears . I was about losing the innocence of an 12 year old boy. Jude Law was the greatest character in this movie, although the old stars and one very young star were good too. And no happy ending (maybe someone can think otherwise). That fitted perfectly in this movie, but I guessed the ending. So why this writing here at the end of very different texts? I really don´t know, just thought that you would like to know :-) A mediocre movie with some great acts.

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lauantai 20. lokakuuta 2007


This week an opportunity has come to our family. Our employer (which owns this place) has offered us a larger apartment in nearby. We haven´t decided yet, but have travelled there twice to see the neighbourhood. All looks very good.

But there´s one big doubt: we haven´t seen in inside yet. Maybe it´s full of rats, maybe it´s in very bad condition. I doubt it, but you´ll never know...

Let´s see what future
holds fo us...

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tiistai 16. lokakuuta 2007


Sickness that kills
Virus that spreads

Suicide it brings
Dreams it smashes
Drains all hopes

Blur your mind

Eats your will

Leaves you powerless, blackens your eyes.

God, have mercy!

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sunnuntai 14. lokakuuta 2007

Something new again...

I´ve added a little widget that allows me to post photos from Flickr straight to this blog. Hopefully it´ll work fine...


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

perjantai 12. lokakuuta 2007


I personally think it´s quite boring to read blog texts that comment the current weather. Only major changes or so are interesting. You can make a little widget which shows the visitor how´s the weather at that time. BUT, today I had to make this note. The current weather really annoys me now and bring out the worst in me. Days like these I really want the climate change. Finland should be on the globe about 500 kilometres souther. I´d prefer a southern Sweden climate. And winter should last only about a month in Christmas time. And skiing should be banned.

Today the rain was pouring down really hard in Espoo. Like the rage of heavens. With the addition of howling strong wind from the depths of purgatory. I had to walk twice outside and my mind wandered to dark thoughts in days like these. The temperature is currently about 2-4 degrees on the positive side. And w
e should be having a camp from this evening to Sunday afternoon. Nice, everyone´s inside all the time...

No wonder people are having depressions in Finland during the fall...

Edit at 11:26. The first snow has fallen! Although it will melt almost instantly when touching the ground.

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keskiviikko 10. lokakuuta 2007

"Everything is wrong except...."

I´ve added the new video for you to feel. It´s called Weltmeister (World Champion) by the Germany´s perhaps the best rock band, Die Toten Hosen.

It has a basic meaning: Everything is going wrong in Germany, but all will be fine when Germany wins the World Cup in football. Here´s the lyrics:

Man müsste eigentlich jetzt dauernd lustig sein
wo doch immer so viele stöhnen
Allein schon um zu zeigen - ich bin auf keinen Fall einer von denen
Die Deutschen sind depressiv - was ist bloss schiefgelaufen
Das soviele Menschen hier die Musik von Grönemeyer kaufen.
Die Jugend ist scheinbar verb
lödet - die Lehrer sind ausgebrannt
Wie konnte das nur geschehen im Dichter- und Denkerland

Und wir fragen uns, was die Zukunft bringt
Und die Antwort kennt nur der Wind
Doch wir sind sicher - es wird aufwärts gehen
Wenn wir erst wieder Weltmeister sind
Wir werden Weltmeister sein ...

Und die geistig-moralische Wende - die wir damals herbeiriefen
Der Geist und die Moral sind weg, nur die Schulden sind geblieben
Und alle stehen da und fragen sich wo die fetten Jahre geblieben sind
Doch wir sind sicher es wird aufwärts gehen wenn wir erst wieder Weltmeister sind.
Wir werden Weltmeister sein...

Jetzt kommt's auf jeden einzelnen von uns an
Damit die Mannschaft wieder funktioniert
Wir dürfen beim Elfmeterschießen
Jetzt nicht die Nerven verlieren
Und wir fragen uns wie das Spiel ausgeht
(und) die Antwort kennt nur der Wind
Wir werden fair zu den Verlierern sein
Hauptsache - wir gewinnen
Wir werden Weltmeister sein

I´ll try to find the translation!

EDIT. That was harder than I thought! If you one a website where I can find the sensible translation of this song, please let me know.

keskiviikko 3. lokakuuta 2007

Michael Moore

I just watched a documentary film about Michael Moore and his journalism, NOT made by the man himself. Very revealing and it confirmed my many doubts about this man. I´ve always thought that there´s something strange in his "documentaries" and he´s very far from his reputation.

As the rappers say: "Don´t believe the hype!"

When I have more time, I´ll write something mindblowing about his activities...

(When in work, this cute new Foxytunes feature don´t work...)

Katselin dokumenttia Michael Mooresta ja se kyllä varmisti aika monet epäluuloni tästä kaverista. Kirjoitan muutamia juttuja siitä, kunhan on enemmän aikaa, mutta voin sanoa, että hänen "dokumenttinsa" ovat hyvin kaukana dokumenteista. Älkää uskoko populistista "totuutta" ja asioita, joita hän esittää totuuksina! Tässä linkki ohjelman infoon:

Rammstein: Sensucht

tiistai 2. lokakuuta 2007

New features in Lighthouse

Two new little widgets:

1. Counter, so that everyone visiting The Lighthouse is connected for and important. Thank you for visiting!

2. Below you can see the song I´m currently listening while writing this. FoxyTunes made this possible.

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