sunnuntai 30. syyskuuta 2007

Small news and observations

  • The days are getting colder, but there´s enough light in the daytime. Weekends and day-offs are great then. I´ve never had any extended depsressing thoughts in these months. Hopefully we´ll avoid excessive rains.
  • FC Honka have started to play well again, good news indeed!
  • I´ll meet my brother, sisters and mother next weekend. We´ll be attending my cousin´s wedding. And my mother is having a birthday party too, we´ll eat out together.
  • My father went to Israel for the I-don´t-know-how-many-times. I met him at the airport. He says that people think it´s dangerous there, but in his 20th and more trips, he has never been anywhere with danger involved. I´ve visited Israel twice, it´s a great country!
  • In wednesday I bought The New Nightwish Album, and it´s surely their best! AND I have tickets to their show in the beginning of January. I´m waiting for the new KENT album too...
  • There´ll be a window-work in our house next weeks, and it seems they won´t give any exact time when the workers come to our home. They promised to let us know two days prior, to give us time to organize our window sills and so on. And our cats must be away then. This is worrying me.
  • Our youth team is having a major planning day tomorrow, hopefully we´ll progress much further in our plans for next year.

Added some nice melodic hardrock/heavymetal for you! Enjoy Edguy!

Nightwish: Sahara

maanantai 24. syyskuuta 2007

Cycling in Espoo

Yesterday was a fine evening here in Espoo. I took my bike and camera and started a little journey. I headed towards north to follow some roads, where I´ve never been with a cycling before. The aim was to build a little my physical condition but in the same time capture some nice photos. And follow the roads unknown.

I found out that not so far from home there are many nice small roads to travel that I haven´t known anything about. One road seemed to go to the beach side, but suddenly I was in someone´s home yard. I quickly turned my bike and while doing this noticed a hot air balloon in the air. And some other balloons followed. I´ve seen them quite many times, always on Sundays, probably that´s their Fly-Day.

While cycling I tried to watch around and catch some things to take a photo of. And yes I did found something. The photos for this trip can be seen in my Flickr pages. Click the mosaic in the left side.

If only there could be more possibilities to do these rides.

Eilen olin pyöräilemässä että kunto kohoaisi mutta myös siksi, että ajattelin ottaa kuvia reissulla. Lähdin Tapiolasta pohjoiseen sellaisia reittejä, jota en ennen ollut pyörällä mennyt. Hienoja reittejä löytyikin, pääosin asvaltilla mutta kuitenkin. Yhteenkin pihaan ajoin vahingossa ja kääntyessäni näin kuumailmapallon taivaalla. Niitä ilmeisesti menee joka sunnuntai, usein juuri pyhäpäivänä niitä on näkynyt.

Flickrin sivuilta näkee otokset mitä kameraan tarttui tuolta retkeltä. Voi kun olisi useimmin mahdollista tällaisia retkiä tehdä. Suosittelen! Kamera mukaan ja silmät auki ympäristöä tarkkailemaan.

Bruce Springsteen: Radio Nowhere

keskiviikko 19. syyskuuta 2007

Metro in Espoo

Last night I was at the public discussion/meeting organized by the city of Espoo. Frustration was the feeling that I got there. People don´t understand democracy at all.

Background have to be explained before you can understand my frustration. Espoo is the neighbouring city to our capital Helsinki. And the second largest city of Finland with about 200 000 inhabitants and more are comig every year. The metro has been in the talks for more than 20 years. Espoo city council made the decision to build this West Metro finally in 2007. Before that metro has raised its head in meetings and gatherings all the time. There has been many pros and cons in this. People in Espoo are often described as a very rich and car-driving people, mainly because of Nokia and other big firms. But Espoo has another side too, we have many others as well. But, to get to the point. The Decision to build this western Metro was made and preparations and planning started.

Espoo have arranged a couple of meetings with city officials, planners and the people of Espoo. In these discussion forums people can ask all kinds of questions about the metro. I attendend in one of these forums yesterday. There were about a hundred people present.

But the questions people asked were simply stupid. Well mainly anyway, not all. Someone asked that why the straight bus lines to Helsinki must be stopped (Hello, did you think what that would cost to us citizens to keep up the two traffic systems together!). And many simply said that this was a stupid decision, why this metro must be built? Hello again! The political decision was made, you should have acted and say you heart out long before this! And so many questions that are soooo minor in this huge operation!

Ok. I was against the metro at first too, it´s very expensive, this city has a great challenge in health care, social help and education and our current traffic system with buses is very good. But now when that decision was made, we´ll have to adjust to that and plan this thing as good as possible. Our environment will be thankful to this decision in the future, because the price of oil will most certainly rise and in the future there´ll be motorway taxes in Helsinki. My worry is that the prices of metro tickets will be so high that people cannot afford to use it.

Finnish and Swedish link:

Muse: Newborn

torstai 13. syyskuuta 2007

Absotely fantastic game yesterday!

Finnish national team was far better than Poland (of course my opinion is not neutral) 12.9. in Euro 2008 Qualification match in Helsinki Olympiastadion. Sadly the result was 0-0, but Finns were superior!

Look at my photos in Flickr

Here´s a teaser:

Queen: Princes of the universe

tiistai 11. syyskuuta 2007

New video

Inspired by the book:

Van Diemen's Land

Hold me now, hold me now
Till this hour has gone around
And I'm gone on the rising tide
For to face Van Diemen's Land

It's a bitter pill I swallow here
To be rent from one so dear
We fought for justice and not for gain
But the magistrate sent me away

Now kings will rule and the poor will toil
And tear their hands as the tear the soil
But a day will come in the dawning age
When an honest man sees an honest wage

Hold me now, hold me now
Till this hour has gone around
And I'm gone on the rising tide
For to face Van Diemen's Land

Still the gunman rules and the widows pay
A scarlet coat now a black beret
They thought that that blood and sacrifice
Could out of death bring forth a life


Libraries are great! A lot of knowledge from all corners of life available for you. And for free of charge. Use your book-found knowledge wisely.

I have begun to read a book about Bono Hewson, the U2 Bono. It's written by a French journalist Micha Assayas, a long time friend of Bono. His writing style is like a continous interview, the same you found in rock magazines.

Here are two Bono' interesting thoughts from the first 100 pages:

- People are weak and they all have weaknesses - that forces us to make friends. There's a blessing in this weakness. People search from friends the things that they lack.
- To grow to be a whole person, you must trust your loved ones, friends and ultimately God. But we don't like that at all. We shun our beloved, especially because our weaknesses lead us to trusting them. As to grow. Alone we are just one clapping hand, like in that stupid zen metaphor.

Do you agree? Makes you wonder, does it?

Kirjastot on hienoja paikkoja, käytä hyväksesi! Tässä pari ajatelmaa Bonon kirjasta, jota olen lukenut vasta vajaat 100 sivua.

- Ihmisen heikkous panee hänen ystävystymään ja siinä piilee sen siunauksellisuus. Ihminen etsii toisista ihmisistä niitä asioita,mitä häneltä puuttuu
- Ihmisen on luotettava rakkaaseensa,ystäviinsä ja lopulta myös Jumalaan,jos hän haluaa kasvaa kokonaiseksi ihmiseksi. Mutta me emme pidä siitä. Me vieroksumme rakkaitamme ja erityisesti sitä että meidän pitäisi luottaa ystäviimme tullaksemme kokonaisiksi. Yksin olemme kuin siinä typerässä zen-vertauksessa, yksi taputtava käsi.

U2: Sometimes you can´t make it on your own

torstai 6. syyskuuta 2007

Please sign this!


It is a petition to grant a refugee-status for Naze Aghai in Finland. The Finnish immigration officials have refused his asylum appilcation and there is a strong possibility that she will die if she must return to Iran.

Please read the news in these links:

Here´s the story in English. Here is Helsingin Sanomat´s article.

Here´s European Union´s expressing their concern about the dangerous situation in Iran.

Act fast!! The Finns are amazinglty fast to change decisions into reality.

UPDATE 7.9. The decision was halted. The final decision to make will propably take maybe 1-2 years.

Nightwish: Planet Hell

maanantai 3. syyskuuta 2007

Finnish football

Today is the The Match Day for Finnish Football. At least for the people in the capital area. Helsinki's mighty but nowadays very poorly playing HJK will host a local derby against high-flying FC Honka. Espoo's proud team has ascendend into our top league only three years ago but since that has been a spark towards different style of football. Brazilian-South European Football, fast passes and very fast forward-going style has attracted a lot of people in Espoo and in Finland.

Of course I have bought ticket for me and my sister´s husband. And of course we will ost our voices before half-time.

EDIT (Tuesday): FC HONKA WON THE GAME 1-0! Tero Koskela made the crucial goal!

Die Toten Hosen: Auswärtsspiel

sunnuntai 2. syyskuuta 2007

New video

This time by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and piece called Nature Boy:

"I was just a boy when I sat down
To watch the news on TV
I saw some ordinary slaughter
I saw some routine atrocity
My father said, don't look away
You got to be strong, you got to be bold, now
He said, that in the end it is beauty
That is going to save the world, now

And she moves among the sparrows
And she floats upon the breeze
She moves among the flowers
She moves something deep inside of me

I was walking around the flower show like a leper
Coming down with some kind of nervous hysteria
When I saw you standing there, green eyes, black hair
Up against the pink and purple wisteria
You said, hey, nature boy, are you looking at me
With some unrighteous intention?
My knees went weak,I couldn't speak, I was having thoughts
That were not in my best interests to mention

And she moves among the flowers
And she floats upon the smoke
She moves among the shadows
She moves me with just one little look

You took me back to your place
And dressed me up in a deep sea diver's suit
You played the patriot, you raised the flag
And I stood at full salute
Later on we smoked a pipe that struck me dumb
And made it impossible to speak
As you closed in, in slow motion,Quoting Sappho, in the original Greek

Nice flowing melody!

Digital TV arrived in Finland

From the 1st of September Finland has officially moved to Digital Television Era. Some cable homes still have access to few old analog channels, but majority of Finns have bought digital boxes and can enjoy the bliss of digital programmes.

Finland took determined and some say too fast steps to proclaim that we are the world's first totally digital TV-country. Some doubters have said that this change was orchestrated by technics and business. The hard-drive boxes are quite expensive prices reaching up to 600€. There has been many faults in these too.

And thousands and even tens of thousands of people has rejected this change and declared that they won't buy the box at all and give up their tv-habits. And I thought we were the tv-fanatics!

Our family bought Samsung-box and we are happy with it. No need for crappy old VHS-recorder with blurry images any more. I have even grown to like documents more than before, and still have many unwatched on the HD. Last was was from the small Argentinian village that hid inside nazi war criminal Erich Priebke. I recommend at least 2 documents a week to everyone, that's how we learn more about this world.

But I think that the next step in our family's TV-world is farther in the future: We won't buy any payTV-channels, at least in a year or two.

And last week started the without the doubt the Ultimate Stupidest True-TV Show: Big Brother Finland. I must confess that I watched the 1st day, but that me me wonder is people really that stupid. Apparently they are and that's sad. Which brings to my mind a true story in the life of Manic Street Preachers. But I'll leave that later...

KENT: Insekter

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